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20% off The Entire YOGA Range / 15% Cashrewards Cashback (Was 9%) @ Lenovo


Expires tonight!

Code is listed on Cashrewards website so it will work. Appears to be no cap.

Cashback is ineligible when using codes not listed on Cashrewards, including codes imported from other sites, or clicks made from 3rd party plugins, newsletters, banners, advertising etc. Cashback is however eligible on codes generated by Lenovo on its website, even though they may not be listed on Cashrewards, provided last click before purchase is from Cashrewards.

Purchases made through Lenovo's student store, staff discounts, corporate deals, and negotiated offers (phone/email/chat) are ineligible for cashback.

Cashback is ineligible on Motorola products.

Mod: Code appears to exclude some or all X1 Yoga products.

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  • +2

    Any good 14" laptops under $1500 that have good powerful specs?

  • +1

    Geez, still another 6 week wait from TAs last deal and this works out another 5% cheaper! Cant decide whether to cancel, reorder, and add 10 weeks, or just suck it up….

  • anyone has any comments on this https://www.lenovo.com/au/en/laptops/yoga/yoga-slim-series/Y... ?
    looks like with both cashback and yoga promotion, the price can down to $1472 around.

    • +2

      274 people have bought this today

      I doubt that!

    • Just FYI… It's soldered RAM

  • Tried it on the 12-inch tablet. Didn't work.

  • +2

    Just be aware you may have to hassle CR to get the cashback. Took me months to get mine approved from the Black Friday sale last year.

    CR denied the claim, I showed proof, they still denied, I lodged a complaint and they eventually chased up Lenovo properly and approved the claim.

    Hopefully mine was a one-off and others don't have the same issue.

    • +1

      I had similar with CR and Dell. CR tried a couple of times but Dell wouldn't play ball. They claimed the CB had been allocated to another entity, or something like that. Was careful when I purchased as it was $180 ish. CR were helpful.though.

      Lesson learned :In general receiving CB are probable but aren't guaranteed.

    • CR is like rolling the dice regarding tracking

    • I feel like I'll be in the same boat. Still no tracking since the 16th…

  • I have one and have been having issues with trackpad from early on. I can't move it time to time but i can click. one person told me it's a common issue. anyone had any similar experience?

    • My yoga (different model) had some weirdness initially.

      Has gone away with updates (via the Lenovo Vantage software), try that if you haven't already.

      • thanks. mine is all up to date

  • Went to see if the X1 Yoga was included in this promo, but it's sold out

    • Don't think they're sold out, I see some Gen 7's… but the code doesn't work?!

      • ah you're right, I thought gen6 was the latest.

        But as you say, the code doesn' twork anyway.

        Must be restricted to the plain jane YOGA branding

  • +1

    Too bad the Yoga range isnt good for gaming.

  • The price is a bit higher with code" TA-YOGA20", for example, Yoga Slim 7i 13" Intel Iron Grey is $1,481.72 after " TA-YOGA20". But it is only $1,429.00 with eCoupon: "CLEARANCE" from their website.
    Not sure if I am eligible for cashback if I use their eCoupon….

    • Usually won't be eligible for the cashback if the code isn't listed on CR website

  • CR is like rolling the dice regarding tracking

  • Just to clarify, if a Yoga laptop is listed $1,000, it will go down to $800 upon that 20% coupon and then cashback for $680?

    Or is that we can only pick 1 option?

    • +1

      Correct! It stacks
      0.8 * 0.85 = 0.68

      I.e. 32% off

      Can confirm ordered with TA 20 discount. Then successful tracking confirmation 10mins later.

  • Does all the yoga range have soldered RAM?

    • I honestly have no idea. I just saw the deal and posted.

      • All good mate, thank you for posting!

    • I couldn't even work out the differences between the 2 7i 2in1 models. Not sure if there is an error on Lenovo as i would have expect the cheaper one to have an i5 and the more expensive to have the i7.

      I would have gone the 2in1. i7 vs i5, touch screen, pen, HDMI port and micro sd card reader.

      • +1

        There was an error, I contacted their support chat and they said there was an error on their site and they were both exactly the same.

        • I wish i had bought one. They have increased the price of those 7i 2in1's by $100 now. I was looking at the top spec 9i 2in1 as well and that has increased from $3359 to $3849.

  • +1

    These are really good work computers, but not much point for personal use.

    Cracker of a price though, almost bought one for the drawer.

  • Really regretted to have missed out on the previous Lenovo deal from cashrewards but the laptop I wanted happened to be almost $150 cheaper with this deal, so didn't hesitate and jumped on it without hesiation. Bought the Yoga Slim 7 Pro 16", got it down to $1223 with CB, very happy.

    • Good for you. These deals don't come around very often.

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