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Earn 1,000 Bonus Yums ($20 off Your Bill) on Your Next Booking @ TheFork


Earn 1,000 bonus yums ($20 off your bill) on your next booking at TheFork.

Valid for bookings made 16-17 May

If you are new to TheFork follow these steps:
Use a referral code to join for 1,000 yums
Use code APP22 for your first app booking for 1,000 yums
Use AUFESTIVAL for your next 1,000 yums

Enjoy :)

Referral Links

Referral: random (408)

Referrer gets 500 yums
Referee gets 1000 yums

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  • Thanks OP

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    Forking Great

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      Fork off it is.

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      Fork yeah!!

  • Is the referral code entry for sign-ups both available on desktop/app?

    • Wondering the same - and should we use referral code for first booking on desktop, then app code for app and then the new code for maximum redemption?

      • I believe that's the right pathway. The referral code entry requires a booking. Then another booking needed for APP22. Then another for AUFESTIVAL.

        I think it has been posted before, but needs repeating as it not intuitive!

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          If you're a new user, this is how you maximise Yums:
          1. Book using referral code on TheFork website
          2. Book using the app with APP22
          3. Book with any bonus codes subsequently, such as this one

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            @itsfree: Thanks.

            After using the referral code for Booking #1, would it be more beneficial to use AUFESTIVAL on the desktop (Booking #2) while it's available as a promo code, then use the APP22 on the app (Booking #3).

            • @Charlie Dont Surf: Interested to know this too. This code expires tomorrow, app code is forever? Unsure if first order needs to be via app or first app purchase

              • @CodeXD: APP22 doesn't have an expiry date listed on the promo page, and is marked as "Long Running" on here. Probably a fair assumption that it runs for the rest of this year.

                • @Charlie Dont Surf: tried to use APP22 today and showing as invalid. Pretty sure I never made a booking on the app before

                  • @souths123: That's interesting. I still haven't tried using APP22 yet. But I've been with TheFork for 5+ years, I'm sure I've used the app before (mostly when traveling overseas). Not sure how sophisticated their systems are to detect a booking made on the app in 2018 - when I last used it OS.

      • Yes, that's correct.

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    take note not many places actually accept the redemption of said yums.

    • +2

      Yeah the list of restaurants for redemption gets worse every time

  • +3

    i really wish this fork can grow big and bigger.. i really like them.. good app, good customer service ….. anyone own restaurant here and doesnt like fork ?

  • Booked through TheFork a few times now. All good experiences with the app, some restaurants you really get a great deal at 50% off. Some restaurants were a miss (but I saw low reviews and still took the risk). Got a few coming up, very happy with my experience so far!

  • I notice that you can’t pay with yums and at the same time use the promo code.

    • Yes. A year a go could then they changed

      • Yes, I thought you used to be able to do it.

        • until someone posted here — fork staff must be member as well

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