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Scanpan Spectrum Black Cook's Knife 18cm $8.40 + Delivery @ Mega Boutique


Good price if you can CC it.

The SCANPAN Spectrum range will bring a touch of colour to your kitchen. The sharp blade is made of high quality carbon stainless steel and the blade features a non-stick coating. The soft touch handle makes this range of knives comfortable to use. The versatile cook's knife is perfect for cubing meat to finely mincing herbs.

Blade of high quality carbon stainless steel
Non stick coating complies with US FDA requirement
Superior hollow ground cutting edge
Soft touch handle
Genuine Danish design
Easy thumb release sheath

Maintenance and care; SCANPAN Spectrum Cutlery is dishwasher safe. However, due to the harsh nature of the machine cleansing process, we recommend that you hand wash your knife and dry it with a towel.

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    Plus: $10 parcel post (free over $99 spend)

    Edit: $12 delivered with Prime:

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    I've heard a few reports of the colour flaking off, and obviously you're not going to get a chef-grade item at this price. But they're a fine option for the occasional cook and this is a good price. Personally I bought Global knives and really didn't need to… they only get a run about once per week and Scanpan Impact would have done the job. On reflection I think that kitchen knives are products that we get a bit aspirational and carried away on. The Tefal bread knife that I got from the Reject Shop for $10 in 2016 is entirely fit for purpose and I can't fathom what extra performance could be extracted from dropping $70 instead of $10. Unless you cut meat and gourds for a living, you have no real business brandishing something that's marketed as samurai-grade. It's not a bargain if you spent 500% more than you needed to, regardless of whether it was on sale.

    Also note that if you're kitting out a cutlery drawer you can get four knives from this range for $32.95 here, free delivery if you spend $39 or more: https://www.kitchenwarehouse.com.au/Brands/Scanpan-Knives

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      Best post!

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      I'm no knife expert, but I do basically all the cooking in the house, and the scanpan spectrum santoku knives are really good for the price. Honestly can't fault them other than our first's handle starting to flaking after a good 7 years of constant use or so. I looked into buying a different santoku knife, as I find I end up using that size/style for basically everything except big things like pumpkins.

      At a minimum, most others were 2x the price, and I couldn't understand how they could be much better… Got 2 more scanpans instead, and couldn't be happier.

    • Can confirm colour flakes

  • My opinion: Not bad for a $12 knife, can hold an edge, but is only good for a year or two, since the coating wears off.

    • Then if you ignore the coating disappearing you'll get a couple more years out of them before the handle snaps.

      • Wouldn't the coating come off and go into whatever food you were cooking?

        • probably. my experience is the coating wears off rather than flakes off (so not noticeable).

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    I wouldn't buy one. I bought one and it snapped after a few uses. I took it back and got a refund. Brands that are good for one thing (in this case, pans) are not necessarily good for other things.

    • Have a scanpan knife set that I've used for a decade without fault. Still razor sharp.

  • I wouldn't buy another. Worked fine, keept a decent edge, but the colour starts to flake off after a few months. And by flake off I mean you end up with bits of knife coating in your food. Any other bargain basement knife without the coating will work fine for decades, but this knife will need replacing after a very short time.

  • My experience is a bit different. I have had one of these for about 3 years now and it's still got its coating.
    Holds an edge well too. Admittedly, I don't use it every day, but I would buy another if I needed it.

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