24.5% off Boost Mobile Sim: $200 140GB $151, $300 280GB $226.50 @ Simonline


Simonline are selling the Boost 12 month prepaid Sims with 24.5% off.

$200 Sim (Discounted to $151)

12 Month Expiry
Unlimited Calls in Australia
Unlimited SMS in Australia
140GB on your first recharge, 100GB from 2nd recharge*
1200 International SMS's

$300 Sim (Discounted to $226.50)

12 Month Expiry
Unlimited Calls in Australia
Unlimited SMS in Australia
260GB on your first recharge, 240GB from 2nd recharge*
3600 International SMS's

Unlimited standard calls to these countries on both $200 and $300 Plans

Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India,
Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand,
Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA,

$200 Plan = 1200mins, $300 Plan = 3600mins of calls to these countries:

Argentina, Austria, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Chile, Colombia,
Denmark, Finland, Greece, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Kuwait, Mexico,
Nepal, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Qatar, Romania,
Saudi Arabia, Serbia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, UAE

Sim Online offer Express shipping for $3 extra if you want.

Sim Online offer a $30 Vodafone Sim for $4 if you need to port out and port back in to get the extra bonus data.

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      Thanks for this. Good work from OP though with formatting etc :)

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        agreed. Also with the cheap porting option.

        I would have been seriously tempted to do this on the weekend when my Mrs Boost ran out. We ended up getting the Woolworths sim just to get the 1 x 10% discount on a shop per month.

    • This no longer works.

      • use codes - 200 SIM: PLWKSAVE, 300 sim: PLUSMAY1

        • Unfortunately, neither PLUSMAY1 nor PLSMAYY7 work. Just bought from OP's post from Sim Online - already shipped - was easy enough. I think there needs to be a standing deal page for what you're claiming works on Ebay, unless I've missed it.

          • @jjtav: you need eBay plus, anyway op has matched ebay prices

            • @RogueWolf: Ahh okay - thanks for the clarification.

  • Has anyone who has purchased from this site before vouch for them?

    • Click the Related Stores thumbnail to see past and current deals from this store.

    • Try the boost website. They may have discounts

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      Purchased Telstra Prepaid SIM from them recently.Super Quick delivery for Melbourne.

    • Yes I have previously. No issues here.

    • bit late, but i've bought from them no probs

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    Just an FYI. Had one of our 12m Boost plans expire recently. Ported out using a $2 Voda sim (Note, requires you to buy a recharge online at time of activation. Bypass by activating with their live chat team).

    Ported back to Boost less than 24hrs later on a new 12m SIM and no problems receiving the bonus data.

    • Any other cheap carriers that don’t require a recharge to activate the sim?

      • Try a Kogan sim without plan?

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        Lebara $4 Sim 1 month 8GB from Officeworks

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        5$ Aldi Sim

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      I used one of three to recharge an existing service which without doing the port. Had no issues doing so boost port your existing number to the new sim and you also get the bonus data.

    • You can do it via Boost support in less then an hour, with no need to buy sims from other provider and port out.

      • Do you get the total 140gb when you do it this way?

        • Yes i got the 140gb and done it a week ago.

          • @LowRange: What do you mean? I'm new to this. Did you have your plan with Boost, and then you didn't have to port out and back in somehow?
            Please education me :-)

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              @d123: Yes i had a 12 month pre-paid Boost which was due to expire, i bought another $200 140GB starter pack for about $150. You get a sim with the start kit, and on Boost messenger support they ported my number from my old Boost sim to my new Boost sim with the 140GB. I didn't need to port to another provider then back to Boost.

              • @LowRange: Fantastic. Thank you!

              • @LowRange: What do you say to boost chat?

                Do you say you have a new Boost sim card, which you would like to move your current sim card over to the new plan?

                • @eastmeetswests: First time i played dumb and said i bought a recharge and didn't know how to add it to my account, gave them the details and they said oh it's a starter pack but she can port my current Boost number to the new sim. Then when i done the wifes i just asked if they could port her number to the new starter pack.

                  So they dont apply the credit to your existing sim, they do the opposite and move your number to the new sim.

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