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30% off All Coffee Blends + Free Express Shipping @ AIRJO Coffee Roasters


Hey guys and gals….

Here’s today's deal:

30% off all blends until Midnight Saturday AEST.
Roasted Thursday to Saturday and shipped Express Post Thursday to Monday.

Just in case you were wondering, yes, AIRJO rocks.

Here’s why:
QUALITY - All of your orders are FRESH roasted.
SPEED - All of your orders are EXPRESS shipped for no extra charge.
HEALTHY - All of your orders are made with 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC Arabica beans.
APPROACHABLE - Any problems at all just reach out, we want to help.

BONUS Stuff:
We care about your happiness with our products.
Trying a new blend for the first time and it's not for you?
Send it back and we will refund you the purchase price or swap for something else.

Did you pay full price in the last 48hrs for the same blend and then this deal popped up??
Send us an email with your order number and we will refund the difference!

Need help choosing a blend?
Need help dialling in your machine?
Not sure what grind to choose for your kit?
Any questions at all?

Ask Dan!

You can reach out any time, any day, by email [email protected] or the chat app on the website. We will always try and help where we can.

Your feedback is super important to us, good or bad. Please let us know by email or reviews or social, wherever it suits you, how we are doing.

Thanks so much….

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  • +3

    been buying your coffee continuously… never disappoint!

  • +2

    "Did you pay full price in the last 48hrs for the same blend and then this deal popped up??"

    I paid with 25% off so permission granted to use that 5% gap towards your democracy sausage this weekend! (order 48383). :)

    • +2

      Haha - very kind of you Gav - It will be done :)

  • +1

    Hi OP

    Do you use arabica or robusta, or a mix depending on the specific blend/origin?

    • +2

      Hey there Bugs - great question and thanks for asking.
      We use 100% Certified Organic Arabica beans only.

      I hope that helps.


      • +1

        Thanks for the quick reply! Just recently got a Moka pot and out of coffee today, so will flick through the blends and pick something to try. Cheers :)

        • +2

          Good timing Bugs - I highly recommend the Enterprise Blend for your Moka Pot.

        • I'm using the Columbia in mine. Enterprise would be another good starting point. Check out James Hoffman's moka pot technique video if you haven't.

          • @hillbillypolenta: Have seen his videos, he makes good stuff.

            I ordered Enterprise at about 1am thanks to the suggestion of Dan, so that's already done (and have the tracking number already…!)

  • Hey guys!

    Have any recommendations for a darker roast (recommended darker roasts due to my machine) for my De’Longhi Dedica paired with my smart grinder pro? Just experimenting with the world of coffee now!


    • +1

      Hey Gollegosh! - Highly recommend our Thunderchild Blend if you are looking for the darker end of the scale.


      • +1

        Can second Thunderchild is a really nice dark roast, and surprisingly smooth.

  • Cheers going to try Pegasus

    • Great blend cyrax83 - thank you.
      Please let us know how it goes for you.


    • Good idea, I haven't tried that one either yet…ordered

  • +1

    I've tried maybe 3 of their blends and twilight is my fave. Using breville coffee machine at home.

    • Super feedback pongky - thanks for sharing.

    • I tried Sumatra was ok. Going to try Pegasus this time. Will give Twilight a whirl next time

    • Which Breville machine exactly?

      • +1

        Barista touch here. Twilight wins for me I've had a few of the other popular blends.

        • Thanks I'll try that next on my bambino

  • Perfect timing once again. Moccamaster & enterprise - the perfect combo!

    • Yes!! - nice work riku - a perfect combo indeed.
      Thanks so much.

  • Bought a KG of these beans (enterprise) a couple weeks back. Didn't disappoint!

    • +1

      Thanks burns - really appreciate you sharing and super pleased you enjoyed the coffee.


    • +1

      Agreed. We thought it was magic. Rotated through a handful of other very interesting ones… but kept coming back to Enterprise. I feel boring, but maybe it's an age thing - Ya just know what ya like.

      We like strong european tasting coffee - Like you get at an Italian restaurant. But not so-strong it'll burn the hair off ya…
      Each day: 2x standard mugs (300-350ml milk) double espresso shot in each. In heaven

  • Enjoyed Enterprise and Stargazer.
    Currently loving Twilight.

    I am going to try Thunderchild now.

    Thank you for excellent coffee as always
    and awesome express post.

    thank you Airjo.

    • +1

      Thanks so much junji82 - really appreciate your repeat buying and your sharing feedback.

      Super keen to hear your favourite……

      Kind Regards

  • Any advice on which one to try first? I've typically always bought aldi dark roast but looking to up my game. Got a Breville barista pro machine

    • +2

      jcarl my go to personally is the Enterprise Blend for my "daily drive" - I highly recommend this one as place to start.
      I hope that helps and hopefully some fellow OzBargainers will jump in with their recommendations.


      • +1

        Its definitely the best blend, my second fav is colombia but i seem to be one of very few who like that blend.
        Great thing about coffee is varying feelings based on varying taste.

        • +1

          I'm with you - normally grab Enterprise, but like to mix it up a bit with Colombia.

  • Last time I bought Stargazer, before that I bought Sumatra Blend. Is there anything in between those 2??

    • +1

      Hi supasaiyan - the Saratoga Blends sits nicely between those two.

      I hope that helps.


  • Just finished my stargazer. Trying saratoga now.

    • Thanks so much r0xz - Keen to hear how they compare for you.


  • +1

    "We care about your happiness with our products.
    Trying a new blend for the first time and it's not for you?
    Send it back and we will refund you the purchase price or swap for something else."

    It's a great service you offer. I hope no one takes advantage of your kindness. In all fairness from all the coffee i tried, there's only one coffee i really didn't enjoy and that's stargazer. Its currently freezing in my freezer as an emergency supply in case i don't have any. Having not nice coffee is always better than having no coffee.

    • +5

      Hey thanks maverickjohn - there will always be a few that will push the boundaries of our genuine intent but that's all part of the game. We genuinely want people to find a blend they like and hopefully keep buying it. This offer helps both customer and business and we believe on average is a good thing.

      And you are right in your comment further up, there are many different tastes and expectations in the world of coffee so not every blend is for every person.

      Now, the "having not nice coffee is better than no coffee" idea…..mmmmm I might disagree with you on that one lol


    • Damn i didn't see that. I should have sent my Sumatra back. Thought it was awful as milk based beverages, was ok as filter but rarely drink those.

      • +1

        I found it makes an excellent long black, but I concur that I found it much better black than with milk. Fortunately that suits me nicely.

  • Dan's the man when it comes to coffee!
    Love their stuff!

    • Ahhh thank you daft009 - humbled…..and happy you are enjoying it.

  • Is there a popular blend for Turkish-style coffee drinkers?

    • +1

      Good question emjay - we only get a relatively small number of turkish grind orders with no clear favourite amongst the blends. I would again hope that there may be some OzB members here that could contribute and my default is alway to try the Enterprise Blend regardless of brew type.

      I hope that helps.

      • I purchased the Sumatra blend as Turkish grind - can confirm the person I bought it for loved it, so I'd recommend that. Though probably depends on your taste palette, everyone is different :)

  • +1

    I have, after quite a search ended up just always defaulting to Airjo now. Heaps of variety and they're all solid. Constant deals with free shipping, which to Brisbane has usually been overnight too. Love your work Dan & co. You've got me through some tough mornings! 😂

    • Hinee that's so good to hear on all counts. Thanks you very much.
      Its gratifying to see your comments as a result of our efforts.
      Super grateful. Thank you.

      …and glad we could help on those "special mornings" :)

  • Bought enterprise blend last time, a little too strong for my preference, but very impressed with the fast shipping, freshness and quality of coffee.

    • +1

      Thanks TEER3X - happy to chat re other blends that might be more to your liking.
      Whenever you want to chat you can email me directly [email protected] and I can try and help.

      Thanks for the great feedback also!


  • What's a popular blend to make with an AeroPress?

    • +1

      Hey stubro
      Sumatra, Twilight and Saratoga are very popular with our Aeropress users.

      I hope that helps.

  • Great timing. Going to give Pegasus a whirl this time.

    • Awesome mviney!
      Please let us know what you think.


  • Tried Colombia last time, I didn't like it (too strong). Surprisingly missus liked it a lot, more than Enterprise, Pegasus, Sumatra, and Twilight (the ones we have tried so far).

    So will be ordering Colombia again, suddenly the integrated grinder becomes useful again, no need to swap beans from the main grinder and wasting beans to re-dial in.

    • Thanks for sharing browser!
      Great to see you honing in on your favourite 👍🏼

  • I can’t comment yet - haven’t tried it myself.
    But a friend of mine tried and he highly recommended.

    What puzzles me is the price.
    $51 full price, $35.7 with discount, minus express postage which is $11 or so for 1 kg, leaving $24.7 for the coffee itself.
    My guess the green beans will be at least $12 per kg.
    That leaves you $10.7 per kg to cover
    - packaging
    - multi thousands investment into equipment
    - gas, electricity and other expenses
    - salary

    How can you sell coffee that cheap without going bankrupt?

    I guess might be higher volume gives you better discount for green beans… but still…
    I don’t understand. :)

    • +2

      Hi SickDmith
      Thanks for your interest in the business.
      I can’t help you there today but if you need any help on choosing a blend I can make some recommendations for you 👍🏼


  • I've got a delonghi that struggles on a fine espresso grind. Any recommendations for a coarser espresso grind type option?

    • Hey there Shady.
      When it suits you, shoot me an email at [email protected] with the setup and what’s happening and we can try and find a solution for you.


    • My parents have a Dedica, which comes with a pressurised basket. Changing to a non-pressurised basket has significantly improved the extract.

      Also don't get the matching grinder, it's designed to work with the Dedica, so it doesn't grind fine enough, they had to return it.

  • First timer… With all of the positive post here, I'm excited to give Airjo a go.

    • Thanks so much Ant234 - super keen to hear how it goes for you.


  • -2

    Can someone who has BES870 advise what set up they have and what beans work well. Been using Sumatra on grind 3 double wall. Want something stronger but still smooth

  • +1

    Awesome! Sumatra is pretty good and this time I'm going to give twilight a try!

  • -1

    Delay shipping available?

    • No scheduled shipping options Frugie unless you are on one of our subscriptions. Then you can pick and choose when it ships and many other flexible shipping options.

      Thanks for asking.

  • As usual, well done Airjo.

    Just ran out of Sumatra today, patiently waiting for the next Sumatra deal.

    Picked up some decaf for night time enjoyment at the mean time.

    • Thanks so much ausdday!! We really appreciate it.

  • Perfect timing! Was very happy with Sumatra blend last time trying Enterprise now. Thanks again your coffee deals are great value and always appreciated.

    • Great stuff merchant we are very grateful - thank you!!

  • Hi Dan!

    What grind do you recommend when using with podly reusable metal pods in a Philips L'or machine?


    • I too would like to know. I have tried a few variations but all come through very weak. Using L'Or Barista machine

      • @ratascan So far wife's been having the Columbian SO from another coffee roaster that posts deals on ozb (won't name names for the sake of airjo). Best results have been with a shot of ristretto and another espresso (ie two pods two different pulls for the one cup).

        Maybe give that a try

    • +1

      This is a tough one to answer gazette.
      Unlike an espresso grind for an espresso machine for example where you have variables you can "tweak" like tamp, time, temp and so on, the reusable pods are very hit and miss as you have less ability to adapt to the variation of grind and blend.

      Although it's not always an easy or cheap option, having your own grinder where you can at least tweak the grind size yourself of a fixed blend until you get a good result is a good way to go. Otherwise it's a bit of a guessing game as you order and try different pre ground options.

      That's a long winded way of saying "try espresso grind" but…… :)

      Sorry I don't have a more helpful answer.


      • Cheers Dan

        I figured it wouldn't be a common question but I really cbf faffing around with an actual coffee machine. Guess we'll play the trial and error game.

        For what it's worth missus really enjoyed the Sumatra blend the last time we bought =)

  • I don’t particularly know what kind of “beans” I enjoy as I only recently bought a coffee machine. I know when a coffee tastes bad but if coffee tastes good, I don’t know why or what I like about it. What beans do you recommend?

    • Timor

      All these are Dark roasts and hit the spot for me.

      Tried the others, all nice just prefer the taste of the dark roasted.beans.

      • Cool! I will give one of them a go + Enterprise!

    • Besides what TravHall mentioned, next time you grab a cup you like at a cafe, you could ask what beans they're using, their rough roast level, flavour notes and maybe country of origin(s) if they have that info

      • Thanks! That's a great suggestion!

    • Enterprise is a good starting point.

  • Bought once again! Thanks!

  • After trying many online options over the years, Airjo is now my regular go to! Sumatra the current favourite, but never been disappointed.

    • Genuinely appreciate your sharing buhie - super pleased to hear that. Thank you.


  • Will try airjo this time. Orderd enterprise blend.

    • Fantastic yujin - thanks you so much - please let us know how it goes for your.


  • I can vouch for the coffee as being great and I'm trying different blends to get my preference. I also had a delay in delivery due to Aus Post and the customer service was great.

    • Markemark thank you very much for the vote of confidence in the product and service.
      We are working hard to make it the best for you.


  • +1

    Hi Airjo,
    Never taste your coffee before. But after reading so many good reviews here I am tempted for going to taste them, Do you have sample types or small packages like 250 gm. Small packages enable serious coffee drinkers taste many varieties of your coffee. Thanks for a response.

    • Hey there tiger and thanks for your great question.
      We don't have sample bags or any bags smaller than 500g.
      I am super confident however I can point you to a blend you will enjoy.
      Please hit me up any time on email [email protected] or the chat feature on the website and we can discuss the blends.

      Thanks again for asking.

  • We have tried pretty much all of their blends and we cannot recommend them enough!
    We like our coffee with a punch and the Thunderchild blend is awesome

    • Outstanding Syberian!! Thanks you so much. Great to hear you have "taken the AIRJO journey" and fount your fav.

      Really appreciate the recommendation and you sharing.


  • Hi OP,

    First timer here. Recently bought a French press and I like my coffee a bit strong and with milk. Which blend would you recommend?
    I was going for Colombia blend + plunger grind.


    • Hey red - apologies for the late reply.
      If you haven't jumped in already, would head straight to the Stargazer for that one.

      I hope that helps and I'm not too late for you.


  • Hi OP, I have tried Enterprise before and loved it. I normally have my espresso with milk. Any suggestions or should I stick to Enterprise to avoid disappointment?

    • Hey smarty - great to hear to loved the Enterprise - my favourite also!
      If you did want to try something a little different, try the Stargazer. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
      But of course if you are….we will look after you :)

  • Hi AIRJO brainstrust

    Am I right in reading that the preference for filter style coffee is Enterprise > Sumatra > Pegasus?

    Any other blend I should be trying, or just stick with a rotation of these three?

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