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McWilliams Tawny 5YO Signature Release $4 (RRP $15), Show Reserve 25 Years $32 (RRP $80) 500ml @ Coles Online (Exc QLD, TAS, NT)


Max Discount $50 Original Coupon Deal | Even without code eligibilty products are on sale at 50% or higher | Try alternate stores YMMW

McWilliams 5YO Signature Release Tawny: A fine aged tawny traditionally crafted in oak, creating a rich and fruit driven palate with a silky smooth finish.

Size: 500mL
Standard Drinks: 7.3
Alcohol Volume Percentage: 18.5%

McWilliams 25YO Show Reserve Tawny: McWilliam's Show Reserve Tawny. Matured twenty-five years in French oak barrels. This 25-year-old Tawny has a rich and full flavoured palate of raisins, dark chocolates and Christmas pudding with a smooth luscious finish. With more than 135 years and six generations of winemaking experience, McWilliam's is known for consistently producing high-quality fortified wines. With its wealth of experience, McWilliam's affords its wine time to cellar and releases them only when they have reached optimum maturity. Great care is taken in blending to ensure the components have reached an average age of 25 years.

Size: 500mL
Standard Drinks: 7.7
Alcohol Volume Percentage: 19.5%

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  • Thanks OP, bought 10. (Meets the minimum $50)

  • +4

    Thanks OP, still cheaper to run my car on unleaded.

    • Used to be that this was cheaper than alcoholic handwash but not anymore.

  • McWilliams really isn't that nice to drink. Penfolds is much more refined.

    • +19

      Can you recommend a good Penfolds port for me? My budget is $4.

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        did someone just say KFC?

      • Dont drink, its not a necessity if you only have $4

  • Can't find the show reserve

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      Coles website will hide products unavailable at the selected store. Change store and/or delivery address. For example, you can find it at Deer Park https://shop.coles.com.au/a/deer-park/product/mcwilliams-show-reserve-tawny

      Note that it is pointless to copy & paste the above link. Coles will substitute /deer-park/ with whichever store you have selected.

      • I thought this was for delivery, not pickup. My bad

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    Dan murphy beat this prices with discounted price as well

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    • Possibly, keep getting a "Your order could not be processed" error after passing payment screen

  • De Bortoli Sacred Hill Reserve Tawny Alcohol Vol 17.5% 750ml from Dan Murphy for $4.99

    • Not the same product.

      • Min order of $50 (13 bottles from Coles) is a bit too much to try! If I can pick up one bottle then would be good option..
        Penfolds Club Tawny 750ml Penfold is well known brand for Port/Tawny so $9.9 for 750ml 18% alcohol vol

  • Their muscat also down to $10 from $22 if you prefer something lighter and sweeter


  • Min order $50 yaaaaawn…..

  • bought and picked up today, drinking at the moment, $4 is friggen amazing for what you get. just ordered more, thanks Op!
    I usually drink the penfolds father 10yr for my port, yes it not as good but its good enough.

  • 98 Points - James Halliday Wine Companion 2020 for the 25yr old…oh my gosh I think I'm drunk buying…just got 4 bottles lol

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