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[NSW] Buy 1kg Get 1kg Free Australian Shore Crabs $16.50 + $9 Delivery SYD Only ($0 with $150 Order, Minimum $40 Order) @ Fishme


FishMe is back with another BOGOF deal for OzBargainers. This time we have Australian shore crabs for only $16.50 per kilogram, and right now you can get 1kg free with every 1kg purchased. That works out to be only $8.25/kg!! These frozen Australian wild-caught shore crabs can be kept for months in your freezer ready to use whenever suits you. Popular in Vietnamese, Filipino and other Asian cuisines. Recipes can be found online.

Delivery price has been lowered to $9 any day of the week and free delivery for orders over $150 anywhere in Sydney.

Add all the shore crabs you want (and any other items) to your cart and discount will apply automatically.

Current specials
Fresh red emperor 2.5kg whole fish $79.95
Fresh local school prawns half price only $10.99/kg
Live Australian black mussels $6.49/kg
Live A-grade mud crabs from $23 each

Plus much more at https://fishme.com.au/collections/weekly-specials

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  • About 10-12 per kilogram

  • Sounds good, I'd upvote but I'm not into that anymore

  • There are two different crabs in the pictures. which one is it ?

    • +2

      You’ve got to be shore before buying.

  • dumb question do u eat it with skin on looks tedious having to strip it back to eat it

    • I eat prawns shell and all coz im lazy, never tried a crab tho, unless its a soft shell one

      • +1

  • +1

    We need this is vic!

  • did they change the price on the live A-grade mud crabs?

    • all good found it, A-grade mud crab @ 450gram is really bad, unless they are really small.

      • Guessing around 450grams

  • +3

    I bought these recently, they're only useful in stocks and soups as they are too small to pick flesh out of, and the shells are sufficiently hard that you can't eat it whole deep-fried like soft shell crab.

    • I just want to be sure you know that soft shell crabs don't always exist in a state of softness, but they are killed when they malt their old hard shell. i mean yum but its kinda dark lol

  • The day I see a softshell crab deal, I will fill up my freezer.

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    I thought I should share my extremely disappointed experience about my first purchase with OZB. I placed order when I saw the deal, as our family purchased and loved this shore crab before (from somewhere else), it was fresh and meaty crab. When the order arrived there was only 1KG of crab, not as deal described "Buy 1kg Get 1kg Free Australian Shore Crabs", double checked and there is no code to add to get 1kg crab for free.
    Next is the quality of the seafood is way below average compare to local seafood place, the crabs feel not fresh and has not much flesh, also purchased some school prawns and was packed in unseal plastic bag when arrived that leaked heaps of black water everywhere. I had send them email last Friday about the missing crab and had received no reply until today. So definitely no next purchase from us ever! And advise everyone head to your local seafood for fresh product and avoid them.

  • Agreed I received mine, no fresh no taste very small and low grade. Yes they are cheap but no worthy at all not even closed to be a deal. Avoid this at all cost.

  • We are sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy the shore crabs. They are very different to other crabs such as mud crabs and blue swimmer crabs (so is the price). Shore crabs are mainly used in Asian cooking such as Filipino dishes. Anyway we'll stick to the common favourites like tiger prawns and we have launched a deal today that you might like here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/703380

    PS. Remember to add the extra (free) items to your cart for the discount to apply.

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