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Sauce Tasting Pack (Original Sauce, Fire Sauce, Chilli Vanilli Sauce, 100ml Each) $19.95 (1/2 Price) Delivered @ Zestify.life


Introducing the 3 newest sauces to hit Ozbargain.

  • The Ever Popular Original Sauce
  • Our Spicy Delicious Fire Sauce
  • And for an Exotic Twist, Chilli Vanilli

They're the perfect table sauce, marinade or dressing. Works with all foods and are also gluten free, keto friendly, dairy free and vegan friendly.

We’re a small Aussie startup trying to get this amazing product out to you guys to try. We manufacture and bottle our product ourselves using only premium natural ingredients, here in Sydney.

We hope you love the sauce as much as we do, we’d love to know what you think!

Promocode: OZBARGAIN

Plus, buy 2 or more and receive an extra 10% off.

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  • +3

    Have you sold any previously. Ozmarketing.

    • We've been selling online for a while but this is our first Ozbargain deal, and it's the best value we've ever offered!

  • +2

    Famous? First time I've seen it.

  • +2

    Too pricey! It's just flavoured chilli Sauce. 😆

    • +1

      More like chilli OIL

  • +2

    It’s not chilli oil, but the first two ingredients are oil and chilli.

    • It literally looks like chilli oil from pics. That is not what sauce is supposed to look like. And they also pour it from an oil pourer tip

    • And it's over 90% fat… Just like chilli oil.

      • Healthy fats can be just wonderful for weight loss. Our sauces can replace BBQ sauce and mayo and you won't ever blow your diet. They also have between 13% and 48% less calories per serve than McDonalds McNugget Dipping Sauces which many people don't realise. And a whopping 78% less calories per serve than McDonalds Aioli Sauce…!

        • Don't get me wrong I'm a low carb high fat convert. My point was that it is just chilli oil… Which I love… But that is what it appears to be.

          • @crunchyhead: Awesome! We're offering this deal so everyone can give our sauces a try if they'd like 😆 We reckon there really is no other flavour out there like them, no matter if others use vinegar, water, sugar, salt or even oil…

  • +1

    "6 Second Sauce" - did it violate the 5 Second Rule?

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