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60-70% off RRP on Explorer Socks: Wool Blend 6 Pack $38.95, Bonds Explorer 6 Pairs $39.95 Shipped @ Zasel


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  • All items are $39-40 for a 6 pack.

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    LOLLLLLLL at the RRP

    more like RIP for OP

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      What is normal price and what is bargain price?

      • 120 to 40 lol

      • not sure ur highness.
        but I reckon its pretty common to get 3pk for sub $20 on sale

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        Dunno bout regular bargain price but 3 years ago I bought a bunch of 2-packs from Bonds at $5 ea. (Still going strong without any thrown out.)

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        It looks like normal price is $10 per pair on the Bonds site, Target, and such..

        This company is just dodgy claiming $20 per pair RRP !

        • Sounds dodgy FLICKIT

        • Yep I’ve bought heaps of these over the years, normally $10/ea is a reasonable price.

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        At Coles they retail for $15 and go on sale for $7.50 a pair

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    Um the 10 pack is better value than the ones you listed OP. Targeted Advertising or Total Rip?

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      I guess the price difference is from wool blend vs cotton blend?

  • What percentage of wool in the blend?

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      They refuse to state on pack, and I emailed them last year - crickets.I found a forum that claimed as low as 33%. Trialed woolen socks during last 2 yrs. Best: KMart, with 55% wool, $6 each. Lasted 2 yrs so far, can wear for days without smells. think, v warm. I also bought some Aldi 55% woolen socks, seem nice but not worn yet. Target Graphite are NOT good…struggled to get wool %, ended up being 33%. Smell, more "acrylicy". Tried heat bods socks….high wool %, but the inside is like felt, so doubt will last (took them back unworn, for refund).

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        Thanks, appreciate the information.

        Icebreaker outlet used to have a seconds bin of merino socks for $10 - $12 a pair, great quality and have lasted nearly 10 years. Years ago their management realised they could sell the seconds for close to full price unfortunately.

        The search continues.

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