LDV D90 Vs Honda CRV 7 Seater

Dear OzB

Which family car will you buy?

Honda CRV 7

These are the cheapest for 7 seater (that I can find)

Will use 3rd row occasionally.



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    Honda won’t be in Australia for much longer, especially the way they’re closing dealers and price fixing. That and the difficulty getting parts they are going the way of Holden.
    With the LDV just don’t take it near the beach or it’ll rust away.

    • It's called the Agency model and most brands will be switching to it sooner or later.

      • @Gronk,it is the way forward for a lot of manufactures,Let’s face it, these days there is little room for negotiation.I found it fine.

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      @Brian McGee.Garbage.

      • ok, so if you are happy paying a set price and getting done in for your trade in be my guest.
        and whats garbage? honda selling 1/4 of the cars they did before agency model? the base model civic costing $47000? removing the odyssey from sale?
        or is the garbage that LDV sell off road vehicles that cant go to the surf club carpark without disintegrating?

        • and getting done in for your trade in be my guest.

          But how is that any different from a dealership undervaluing your trade in today? You'd just sell privately…

          There's always going to be positives and negatives in any change but I think for the most part agency will be better for most because dealerships don't exactly have the best reputation.

        • They were well aware that their sales would be down (fact) & it was further more factored into their future sales forecasts.The new HRV Hybrid, has already a six month wait list.UK,it is out to eight months.Pricing?47k for a Civic is over the top no doubt.There is no problem with set pricing, dealers cannot gouge the customer with higher pricing.Stock is owned by the manufacturer,period.

          • @Hackney:

            There is no problem with set pricing, dealers cannot gouge the customer with higher pricing.

            You can also not negotiate any discount. Very pertinent for those on a bargain posting website.

  • i heard bad things about the LDV T60, so i am wary of them, but you should look up some real world reviews of each car, most people here have a fear of anything Chinese (sometimes warranted) and won't give it a fair go, even if it is a good car, though i'm not saying it is (because i don't know), just that if it is, it won't be given a fair go.

  • Might want to consider new 2022 Pathfinder. It is coming in Oct (if you can wait).

    Ldv, while it looks promising, is an older model and has a wait time of 6 months.

  • Neither.
    Honda won't be here in a few years.

    LDV are built to a price. The LDV ute I test drove was a shocker.

  • CRV all the way,just a great SUV, you won’t regret buying one.Don’t take any notice of the ‘knobs’ knocking Honda, they know nothing, just a bunch of negative so & so’s.Do not go near an LDV!

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      good luck finding a honda dealership when you need one.
      you cant even get spare parts from them easy, its a 2 week wait and all enquiries are done by email to head office and farmed out to the nearest dealership in your area.
      bet the panel repair shops and independent mechanics love the system.

      • Again, complete BS.Parts are readily available.All manufactures @ the moment have supply issues(fact) fast moving parts(filters etc…) are available 24/7.We lost one dealership, the other one just set up a second service centre.Things have not changed.Parts are readily available for servicing requirements.Have to love that ridiculous statement of I ‘bet independents & panel repair shops’ love the new system.Really? I had mine back in just over a week.A lot of suppliers are a lot worse than Honda(fact),this was actually said by my panel & repair shop.Think you need to research before firing off your mouth.

        • I have many family members working in aftermarket workshops (Mycar / Beaurepairs) and when they try and get parts for Hondas no one answers the phone. They have to email a central system and wait for a response in up to 2 weeks. Kinda sucks if you need a suspension bushing today. And if everything is rosey with you, thats fine. You are a sample of one in 10 million.

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            @Brian McGee:

            They have to email a central system and wait for a response in up to 2 weeks.

            All brands are experiencing logistical issues at the moment, especially in relation to part supply, it's not a situation unique to Honda.

            I'd argue that an emerging brand like LDV would probably be worse because their supply chains aren't as…. robust… as other major manufacturers just yet.

            • @Gronk: I appreciate supply chain issues, but these were part enquiries to the local dealers parts department. No one answered the phone. And they couldn't even front up to the 'local' dealer cause Honda closed it down and the next closest was too far away to send someone (1KM to 20KM).

            • @Gronk: yup,my panel beater was saying they were having issues getting parts from Nissan as well.

      • I have owned 4x Hondas over 20 years. This just is not the case. Many workshops don't bat an eyelid over servicing my now dated Honda CRV with its bullet proof K24. Yeah i've needed spares over the years. I think the longest I waited was a week for a genuine Prelude clutch master cylinder. Plenty of aftermarket availability also, many models carry over engines and drivetrains from one model to the next. If the OP buys a brand new Honda, for the first 100K kms all its gonna need is fluid changes (genuine for trans), filters and plugs.

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    No CHINA car for me.

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      @askme69,if that is the case, you better start pulling your car apart, there is a lot of Chinese sourced parts in it,& while you are there, go inside your house & throw out all your mobile phones,TV’s,Laptops & furniture as well, because the majority of it is sourced from China.Oh look! You have an empty house & a car you cannot drive!Lucky you!!

      • One of these things is not like the other.

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