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2x Comvita Mānuka Blend Honey 500g $26.95 Delivered (Excludes WA) @ Comvita


2-pack of 500g Blended Manuka honey. Made from New Zealand native flowers and plants. 

*Not for sale in W.A. NOTE: Expiry date Sept 2023

Mānuka blend MGO 30+ New Zealand honey, sometimes referred to as ‘multifloral Mānuka’ is a natural blend of New Zealand honeys, made when bees forage from a range of sources, including the  Mānuka  (Leptospermum scoparium) tree. 

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  • why is it not allowed in WA?

    • Think it's because it's from NZ. Have the same issue buying from chemist warehouse.

      • Oh

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    Or you know. Just buy regular honey for 1/4 the price. Tastes just as good.

    • +8

      I'm not sure what you mean by regular, or what this honey tastes like, but seasonal/not mass produced honey has a huge depth of flavour and variety. The generic $6 stuff from woolies is just flavoured sugar syrup in comparison.

      It's like someone saying golden syrup tastes the same as maple syrup.

      • Agreed. Recently I purchased some honey from forest fresh honey is Perth. Actually I bought some as a gift for someone and also got some for myself to try and it tastes amazing. But I wouldn't buy it regularly as it's too expensive for me.

      • The promoters of Manuka would just about have us all believing it cures cancer. I just think its over hyped and over priced. But sure. Each to their own flavour wise.

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    Note that this is MGO 30 which is significantly lower grade than their UHF line.


    • Yeah this is even lower than UMF5

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    This is a mixed honey (which includes manuka)

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  • So, after all the comment, it is good or not good?

    • Personally I'd buy local honey. I don't really get into all this manuka grading stuff. I just like tasty honey. I can typically find about 700g for about $11 from some random local people that tastes pretty good.

      I'm from WA, so whenever I go on holiday down south and come across some honey that someone has made down there, I grab a jar.

      I'm not sure where you're from, but you should be able to find something.

      • Thanks for your comment, you got a good point actually, I know my choice now.

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