Free Bonds Baby Cover Membership, Claim within 90 Days of Joining & Get 1 Free Baby Product with Next Online Order @ Bonds


You may sign up for a Bonds Baby Cover membership if you have a baby under 12 months old, and you are its parent or legal guardian and be at least 18 years of age.

One free Bonds baby product with a minimum value of $10.99 when you make a claim within the first 90 days of your Baby Cover membership. There is a limit of 100,000 free products (as at 19th May, 2022) from which Baby Cover members can select their free product. Membership of Baby Cover lasts for 12 months from the date of sign-up unless terminated earlier. At the end of the 12 month period of Baby Cover membership, you will remain a Bonds and Me member and entitled to the benefits of the Bonds and Me program only.

You will also receive 10% – 30% off the retail price of goods on the Bonds website and at our Bonds stores. Members will also have access to further Bonds & Me benefits including free shipping, a birthday gift, exclusive invites, plus more.

A comprehensive poo-licy for new parents.
Because with babies, anything can happen. Sign up. Make a Claim. Receive a free baby product* with your next online order today.

What is it? Cover that has your back… and their bum.
Ever experienced a ‘Natural Disaster’, or a Poo-splosion? You may have thought, “hmm, there should be some sort of compensation for this. "Good news: now there is!

Bonds Baby Cover provides comprehensive cover for all kinds of baby-related accidents from Poo-splosion's to painting the walls with lipstick.

Lodge a claim today and receive a free Bonds baby product* with your next online order (plus discounts, free shipping and more!) when you sign up to Baby Cover.

Signed up last night, entered the date the bub was born (looks like the date must be within the last 12 months) and it seems that you get one free item with your next order depending on what type of 'claim' you make.

Natural disaster = Cozysuit
Vandalism = Romp Suit
Third Party = Stretchy Leggings
Accidental Damage = 2 pack baby socks

Once you've signed up, go into your account and click on 'View your cover'. From there you can 'submit your claim' where you select one of the categories above. This is approved straight away - no proof needed.

From there when you add something to your cart and go to checkout you will see a link to 'Add your free gift' and pick the size you want.

You can change your claim type if you want or the size your require is not in stock.

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  • Yeah this is a disaster of a PR campaign.

    WTF is this ‘product’ even?

    • +1

      Just a 'creative' way to offer a free item with purchase.

      Drums up interest. Got you discussing it.

      • Only as a discussion on this thread. Didn’t understand the campaign because it’s sh!t (pun intended) so didn’t post it. 99% of people who also received the comms would agree.

        • +1

          Yeah - took me a while to work out and explain it. But overall I got a freebie out of it so thought I’d share. Hopefully my explanation may help the 99% of people. 🤞

  • because it’s sh!t (pun intended)

    See? You're having so much fun with it hahaha

    Well played, Bonds. Sometimes a trainwreck is just as good as a polished presentation, in terms of awareness.

  • PoO-sPlOsIoNs


  • As I’m still learning with this can anyone explain why my title has been reported? As far as I can see it complies with the ‘rules’ of a good title. What am I missing?

    • +1

      Free comprehensive poo-licy for new parents @ Bonds. Free baby product with next order.

      Compared to

      Free Bonds Baby Clothing Damage Cover (for Babies under 12 months) + Free Baby Product when Making Claim @ Bonds

      Just a cleaner title. Better formatting. Also 'new parents' isn't the most informative, someone might think 'oh, this doesn't apply to me since I'm not a new parent, my child is 6 months old already' which Bonds is offering for babies up to 12 months. Also generally the @ Bonds bit is at the end of the title.

      People should know what the deal is exactly just from the title, and 'poo-licy' is sure to confuse some lol.

      If you don't exactly know what to do, just look at other OzBargain posts. Most of the time it's been done well the first time or a mod has cleaned it up a bit.

      • +1

        Got it! Thanks. I was really torn about the ‘damage policy’ bit as it’s not really an insurance product.

        I didn’t want anytime to think they had to go through a process of making a claim if clothing was irreparably damaged. It’s just a free item when making an order. Anyway, seems it’s been cleaned up so thanks again.

  • +1

    Thanks! Ordered my 4 year old some hulk undies and got a free pair of pink leggings for my 4 month old. $12.79 delivered :)

  • Thanks, I wasn't aware of this. Whats the cheapest thing I can order (trawling through the site now) now that the 40% is over?

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