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Kleenex Silk Touch Large 'n' Thick Tissues 95-Pack $1.30 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ $100 Order) @ BIG W


Was same price last time.


Kleenex Large & Thick tissues are ideal for everyday laughs, tears, sniffles and family moments.
Product Features:

95 sheets per box
Kleenex Large & Thick are almost 50% larger than Kleenex standard tissues.
3-ply thickness

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    Online order limited to 5 boxes only :(.

    • i just did multiple orders of 5 hahaha

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    Waiting for the bigger packs to go on special at woolies

  • I like my women how i like my Kleenex………

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      On discount?

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    Cheers op

  • +1

    Got 5 - thanks tkboi

  • If there was free delivery like Amazon then this would be a deal

  • Not sure how so I can’t make this a post but I just order 12 pack of quilton as a S&S on Amazon. It showed $18 but when I went to checkout it said promotion applied and went down to $13. Hope this works for others.

    • +1

      Probably that’s the $5 credit is from the buy $100 amazon giftcard and get $5 promotional credit.

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