Amart Furniture Warranty Customers Data Breach

Anyone else in the same boat good to see they don't take responsibility lol and as if no phone is suffering from enough spam and calls on a daily basis 😅

As a customer who has made a warranty claim, we’re writing to let you know that Amart Furniture has become aware of a data breach that may potentially affect you.

We were made aware late yesterday that our warranty system hosted externally by Amazon Web Services was involved in a cyber attack and some data was breached. Note - this breach only affects customers who have previously made a warranty claim.

Important: no customer financial information or credit card data has been affected.

We can confirm that basic contact information including names, addresses and phone numbers may have been breached. We wanted to let you know to give you the option of taking extra precautions.

The issue is now resolved and as a matter of course we are notifying the appropriate regulatory authorities. All active warranty claims are unaffected.

We very much regret that this breach has occurred and we’d like to apologise for any inconvenience.

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    We wanted to let you know to give you the option of taking extra precautions.

    like? changing your name, address and phone number?
    seems easy enough :)

    (though these days, with the amount of online data we give out, I dont(cant) consider those things 'top secret' info so generally just aim to have a higher level of scam awareness and data security where possible, ie unique complex passwords per site etc)

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    I got the email also thanks to buying a piece of crap recliner from them a few years ago which failed in the first week… Haven't shopped with them since, never would again…

    I love how they say:
    Please use the Australian Government website for any further advice you might need.
    That feels like a "DON'T BUG US IF YOU HAVE ANY CONCERNS!"

    The email:

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      I think my favourite bit is how they've written it to suggest AWS was at fault. Love to know what the root cause is and how AWS feel.

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    I've had the same phone number for close to 20 years and now for the first time ever I've started receiving spam SMS messages from a random dodgy company, I assume it's related to this Amart data loss :(

  • Looks like my data was compromised, I received this email:

    *Our accounting system has detected that you have paid GST twice on your last order.
    Please be advised that you are entitled to receive of $63.55 GST.

    Click the link below and follow up refund process


    Please note that the refund link will be valid only for 48 hours.

    This is an automatically generated email, please do not reply.*

    The email came from "[email protected]".
    But my mail provider marked as spam: domain of does not designate as permitted sender

    I see this is also mentioned at

  • Yes I had my details exposed too

    I got the Amart GST refund email

    Just now I received an email stating there is a refund from West Chester Magistrates Court, just waiting for me to collect it.

    Worse part is apart from email address, they now have my full name, phone and full address, and this was included in correspondence from ‘court’, I really can’t change my name or address grrrrr…..

  • Yep, I got the Amart warranty GST scam emails,, as well as the West Chester Magistrates' email. Pretty concerning they have my postal address and everything.

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