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Free Small Coffee, Juice or Soft Drink with Seniors Card (Min Spend $4) @ McDonald's


Possibly Nationwide. Enjoy a free small coffee, orange juice or soft drink when you show your seniors card. There is a sign but I did not have a camera. This is a proper Mc Cafe coffee. I cannot confirm it is for all stores, you will need to check your store by asking.

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  • Those eligible for this deal are probably new to Maccas 🤔

    • Yes old people have never been to maccas

      • Right! You can't get old unless you've got clean coronaries.

    • Fast food chains DID exist before you were born, Junior. As did aeroplanes and computers. A hard one to fathom, I know.

      • So did myocardial infarctions!

  • How to get senior card?

    • If you are 60 or more you can get one at service centres

      • Different in each State. Depends on their process & rules.

        Online in QLD, which has 2 different cards (business Discount Card / full Seniors Card) & benefits depending on age (60/65y), hours worked, etc.

        And Govt benefits vary.
        In QLD, $340/yr off electricity, discount off gas, free optical & public dental, some areas provide free off-peak public transport, etc
        In SA, free public transport.

    • Just ask your school.

  • +2

    nationwide, I see the sign at every maccas

  • Thanks son

  • Same offer available at Hungry Jacks too

    • also 10 percent off at red rooster and 2 free donuts at donut king

  • OP: remove Milperra from Title.

    Been available nationwide for years at Maccas & HJ!

    • I cannot confirm it is all stores, you will need to check

      • Asked at store in Qld, yesterday. Haven't used this offer in a while.
        Wasn't displaying sign, so checked.
        Told by Manager… "At all stores."

        Comment above confirming it

        This might be new to you, but caring for elderly relatives over years - I got to find out about discounts & benefits for them at many locations across States!

        So can remove that 1 location in Title.
        Why would you think it's only at that 1 McDonald's store?? It's Nationwide.

        In Deal Description you could suggest to confirm at local store, if you doubt it.
        Which you have now added👍

      • Asked Mods to correct. Done.
        Updated to "LONG RUNNING"

        That makes this a much more useful Deal for people near a McDonald's - anywhere.
        Not just that 1 Milperra store😉

        Invite a Senior for a $4 feed with a free small drink. Have a good chat.

        Like I did yesterday with the $6 McChicken Meal + Cheeseburger - plus free small drink! 2 small burgers, 2 small drinks, 1 small fries - cheap but barely enough for both of us.

  • +2

    Also same offer with student edge card

    • Student edge card is a bit ehh
      Some managers have no clue what free promo it gives, most of the time I’ve to tell them

    • Thanks! Downloaded app.
      Original Deal is 3yrs old - probably haven't used it since then.
      Was a medium drink on $2 purchase, now a small with $4.

      Maybe time to repost Deal!

  • +4

    Deal been running since at least the 90s when my granny would buy a $2 toastie and get a free cup of tea.

    Really puts new meaning into necroing a long running deal

  • Pretty sure this is nationwide + tasmania

  • Current LONG RUNNING HJ offer from 2yr ago:
    Free Small Coffee or Soft Drink with Any Burger or Breakfast Muffin Purchase for Seniors @Hungry Jack's - available for "many many years" before posted.

  • Check online for retailers with offers, and benefits, in Seniors Card portal for your State/Territory.

    Restaurants & merchants may display Seniors Discount sign or logo - a discount applies for Seniors. Ask what the discount or offer is.

    eg QLD
    Benefits for full Seniors Card (not Seniors Discount Card) include:
    $340/yr discount on electricity, discount on gas, free optical & dental, free off-peak bus & ferries (in some areas), etc

    There's a long list of types of services (cafes, accommodation, vets, vehicles, parts, beds, etc).

    Stores offering discount: (eg Suburban within 5k):
    (search by type & location, other locations may have different stores.)
    McD: Free small hot McCafe beverage, soft drink or orange juice with a minimum spend of $4.
    HJ: Free tea, coffee, or small softdrink with burger or breakfast muffin.
    Oporto: 10% discount on all purchases. Participating stores only.
    Subway: 10% off Subway sandwiches, wraps & salads
    KFC: Discount not available with promotional or discounted menu items.
    Donut King: Two free Donut King cinnamon donuts when you buy any regular Donut King hot drink.

    Gloria Jeans, Jamaica Blue, Muffin Break, etc
    All 10% discount on any purchase. Not valid with any other offer.

  • Lots of Deals for Seniors.
    Try Seniors Card & Seniors Card tag

    Some offers may be available, despite marked "EXPIRED" - as posted long ago.
    Some offers may have additional conditions like Pension Card.

  • This has been a thing for well over a quarter century Pam…

    • And its more needed now than ever since price rises

      • But its smaller now - downsized from Medium drink to small :-(

        • well you used to have to buy a burger, now its anything

          • @screensaver: That's the HJ offer, Maccas was Medium drink with $2 min purchase (burger was just an example).
            Now a $4 min spend.

            • @Rather be Travelling: that used to be maccas offer too

              • @screensaver: Any proof?

                You wouldn't accept this Deal was nationwide… Because you only saw the sign at one McD. So wouldn't post as at any store except Milperra!

                Mods overruled you to make this a far better nationwide Deal!

                So, hard to understand how something you barely knew about days ago, is now so well known to you over so many years??

                It was $2 min spend. Used to get it for my Father. Being a bigger tightarse than me, he introduced me to the offer about 10 years ago. He never ate their burgers, but got a free medium drink with $2 min order.

                • -2

                  @Rather be Travelling: I dont need to be questioned and harassed just because I posted a deal. I cannot speak for exery store. This is ridicolous

                  • +1

                    @screensaver: You made a claim that with the maccas offer we "used to have to buy a burger" - without any proof.

                    I have a long history assisting Seniors. Taking them to McD. And checking on offers.
                    Using this Deal for about 10 years, that wasn't true.

                    So fair question is where is your proof?

                    I searched…
                    Some sites promoting this offer claim you need to buy a burger - now
                    "your senior’s card entitles you to a free coffee/tea/soft drink with any burger or McMuffin purchase."

                    That's basically what you claim.
                    They are wrong. Some sites might have always had the wrong info!

                    Mistakes can be repeated as facts over time. Or the many free drink offers muddled.

                    It's best to post correct information in Deals, that can be supported.

                    You didn't want this Deal to be listed as nationwide - despite being told it is.
                    The correct info had to be updated by Mods. That was frustrating & unnecessary!

                    The changes made it a much better Deal - useful outside that 1 small area you posted!

                    So questioning has its place in improving Deals for this community!

                    I changed my own Deal today, after feedback from comments. Made that Deal better.

              • @screensaver: Some third party Seniors discount sites incorrectly listed free coffee if buy burger. Some still do!
                That wasn't what McD offered. But the idea persists.

  • They used to have yukky percolated coffee too

    • Thank goodness for McCafe!
      Had a nice free Chai Latte late last night.

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