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[Switch] Binbok RGB White & Grey Joycon - US$47.59 (~A$67.40) Delivered @ Binbok


Use the code 15OFF to have a 15% discount on Binbok.com.
The code only works on the white Joycon.
Free shipping.

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    The code takes $8.40USD off for those wondering how $55.99USD less $15 becomes $47.59USD

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      It's 15% discount, not $15.

  • I’m hearing year old reviews complaining about the D pad. Is this the same controller you had a year ago with the same issue?

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      I bought black BinBok RGB Joy Cons (dated April 202 2 on the box) and the D pad is bit "meh".

      I'm not much of a gamer but while rolling the D pad around, it tends to catch. It doesn't totally lock up. D pad on my Switch Pro controller is smooth.

      I got it because they're much more comfortable compared to the original joy cons when portable.

      Right rumble was loose. I sent a video to Binbok support and they kindly sent a replacement. Great customer service and value.

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    Looks like it's US$35.70 from AliExpress (only black and clear versions are in stock): https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005003664517044.html

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    I've just received my controllers from this deal and unfortunately they are affected by the deadzone problem (joystick locking into up/down/left/right). Updating the firmware didn't help. I am a pretty casual gamer and these are more comfortable to hold than standard joycons so hopefully I don't notice it in-game.

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