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[VIC] Pana Dairy Free Ice Cream 110ml Tubs 16 for $10 @ NQR


At this price you can bet they’re short dated. But if they’re dairy free then I’m happy to ride past a best before date at this price!

Happy gluttony y’all

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    110mL? No, not usually $11 each!

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      Too right. 475ml are. My bad

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    Dairy free, eww

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    How can they call it ice cream without the cream?

    False advertising!

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      There are other forms of cream besides cow's milk cream

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        such as?

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          Coconut cream, pharmaceutical cream

          • @Raynes: Yum, yum!

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            @Raynes: The supergroup Cream, cream of tartar, creaming soda, Simon Cream, the list goes on

          • -2

            @Raynes: none of those are cream, the word has just been hijacked because it's white. Like Soy Milk, its freakin Soy juice.

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              @Bullion78: What do you call peanut butter?

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              @Bullion78: Why does the existence of soy milk infuriate you so much? It has no impact on your access to and enjoyment of cow bodily fluids

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              @Bullion78: Same, cow milk is not milk. It's freakin cow tit juice.

    • The manufacturer doesn't: never mentions "cream/ice cream" on the package, just the retailer's false advertising. Pretty sure the tub says "frozen dessert"

      • On the package in the picture says" Dairy Free Ice Cream"

        • Hmm might be a different version? Based on this they've stopped lying hopefully

  • Free ice-cream, only $10………… for the packaging????

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