Kogan GM-AIR Ultra Lightweight RGB 6400 DPI Gaming Mouse $11.99 + Delivery ($0 with FIRST) @ Kogan


Available in "Black" and "Cement Grey". Can't imagine it's very good but don't see how you'd be able to get a better wired mouse for $12?

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  • +5

    Input lag is 3-5 business days

  • I know that this mesh surface has become a thing in gaming mouse. But can anyone who has experience with these mouses share if these mouses get dirty easily from sweet and dust?

  • Got this mouse for my kid a few weeks back:

    Pros: Software aint bad, can set DPI steps, full rgb colors and effects for the ring round the footer, the light that shines through is a single configurable color. Reasonably comfortable. Can set the polling rate quite high, and that works well.

    Cons: Buttons on the base for DPI switching are not very useful in game.. - you will need to do some tweaking out of the box to find your sweetspot for everyday use, I think you can reprogram the other two buttons on the side to take this function, though havent had much of a chance since little Mr got his hands on it.

    Cant really go wrong for the $, extremely light, holes give it grippyness, and its shaped fine for my hands. which are not those of a giant.

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