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Boori Bassinet $149 (Was $299.95) + Delivery on Request ($0 PER C&C) @ Babyland


Was at babybunting looking for a bassinet for the little one, retail price at BB is $329 for this, saw online baby land had a sale. Baby Bunting Price matched and added an extra 5% off ($141.55)

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    legit question as in the market for one currently… why would you look at this? Loads else on the market currently with more extras like drop sides etc

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      Just wanted something small and straight forward. We have a cot with drop sides, the Bub prefers the pram bassinet. So we decided on this for next to the bed.

      We looked at a whole bunch, and this suited our living space.

      Plus $141.55…

      • Does this one fit the change tray as well?

        • Looks like it would, but I’m not sure. I think the variant is Boori Bassinet Plus

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      I don't believe drop sides are technically safe sleep. I could be wrong.

      • Boori drop sides don't even work for long. I've had three of them. The plastic insert in the groove comes loose.

        Boori don't care. They just want them to end up in landfill so people buy more.

        • Sorry I should say that's on the cot. I don't know if the bassinet is the same

        • Not in the Boori 'Sleigh' cot i have, the runners are brass.

          • @Bunsen: Look inside the brass runner and see if there's plastic/rubber

            • @justtoreply: The only plastic part is on the end of the spring. Never had any issue with mine & it's third hand, plenty of scratches & teeth marks though..

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      This is a good price for this. One on wheels is great to move around the house and rock back and forth for settling. Drop sides on a bassinet is more like a co-sleeper, which is fine if your want to do that, I was too nervous of squishing or suffocating the baby so I didn’t go there - but that’s just me, I fell asleep in awks positions a lot post partum.

    • I have one of these. It's good because it's as small as can be without added weight/stuff, and the wheels means you can wheel it between living room/bedroom/etc and tight spaces with the bub inside and hopefully won't wake them up.

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    Had this one and can fully recommend. It’s quite long too so you can use it til 6 mths or so. Also felt a lot safer with the mesh sides.

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      It's hardly unique. We had one basically identical under the childcare name. It was good though.

      I wouldn't touch a boori cot ever again.

      And fyi… Gumtree = save money. Don't go buying new stuff for babies, honestly.

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      Same. Highly recommend. Easy to put together too.

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    With so many good bassinets being sold or given away on facebook and gumtree i am surprised they can still sell for $300.

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      Bit of a rip, but that’s the baby business to be honest..

      • Only if you buy into it

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    It’s a great price, thank you for sharing.

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    Got my boori rocking cradle, mint condition, for…. $8 from a local op shop. Winning

    • Nice one!

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    Any idea of shipping to NSW / ACT?

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      No sorry, used it purely for price matching at BabyBunting

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        That's awesome - I didn't think of it, but did it too. Your comment helped heaps, thanks.

  • Does anyone have any suggestions for a mattress protector for this bassinet?

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      Check the sizing, but we had three of these on rotation for our reflux baby! They take a bit to dry, but worked well.

      • Legend, thanks heaps!

  • I had this exact same one, it's not great, the mesh sack is just held onto the edged by a stitch and a wooden rod, but also relies on velcro, the velcro doesnt last that long, and also as your baby gets heavier it sags a lot. People use the bassinet in their living areas more during the day for day naps so you can wheel it around etc when mums probably cleaning or doing any other prep stuff for baby.

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    We had exactly the same one. The only good thing are the wheels. The mattress is too thin.

    • The baby isn't a 120kg bloke. The mattress is fine when my newborn used it.

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        Too bad. My two babies didn't like it 😂

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    We had this one. It was ok.The mattress is too thin though. Would reccomend double layering it with another. I think we got one that fit the bassinet snug from kmart/ikea for like $20.

  • Bought this on gumtree then upgraded the wheels to the silicone roller blade style and it glides around effortlessly.

    • WD-40'd the wheels, slides around like a drift car.

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