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Weber Original Kettle Charcoal Grill Black 57cm (741001) $265 Delivered @ Brand Merchant via MyDeal


Weber Original Kettle Charcoal Grill Black 57cm, Only $265 Delivered on MyDeal

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  • No mention of warranty.. grey import?

  • is the bunnings one better than this? I was eyeing that off recently, but this is actually cheaper, but porb made in the same factory. the Bunnies one has a 10yr warranty I think.

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      Honestly buy a Weber it’ll last you a lifetime … I have some for the 70s still going strong. Meanwhile you see cheap bunnings ones every council clean up.

      • In addition, spare parts are available from webber for everything. I doubt that’s the case with the Bunnings model.

        • Had Matador Kettle BBQ for 6 years, spare parts easily available through Bunnings like the grates. Gong very strong, no issues.

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          They let me steal parts from the display model lol… or swap wholesale for a new unit.

    • A good option is this kettle. Made by the same people that make matador bbqs.
      $99 + $30 delivery to Sydney.


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    Genuine Weber Model no.: 741001, comes with 12 month Seller Warranty

  • If someone has costco membership

    $219.99 delivered.


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    Do yourself a favour and get one with the closed ash catchment. Nothing worse with a little wind and having ash fly everywhere.

    • which model @ he11bent

      • The premium model

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