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Baseus 8000mAh Portable Battery Jump Starter $50.14 Delivered @ Baseus Global Store eBay


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If you have a small car or a 2.5L diesel engine, this is sufficient, and from a reputable brand. Click the link and choose 8000mAh. Based on my google-fu, some sites say a Peak current of 800A can start a 4L diesel engine or 6L petrol.

Baseus Car Booster 800A Power Bank Battery Jump Starter 12V Auto Starting Device Charger Car Starter 8000mAh Emergency Battery

—Capacity: 8000mAh/3.7V/29.6Wh
—Rated output capacity: 4900mAh
—Input: 5V/2.1A(Max)
—USB output: 5V2.4A(Max)
—Start-up voltage: 12V
—Start-up current: 400A
—Peak current: 800A
—Suitable models : gasoline vehicles with a displacement of less than 4.0 L or diesel vehicles with a displacement of Less than 2.5 L

Suitable for 90% vehicles
12V petrol vehicles with displacement not exceeding 4.0L
12V diesel vehicles with displacement not exceeding 2.5L
Vehicle type:Car/SUV/Business car/Electric car/Motorcycle/Van/Pick up/Small truck

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    I can vouch for the limit. I started a 4l diesel with one off these, it was quite warm after.

    • +1

      4L petrol? 2.5L diesel?

      • Soz I meant petrol. But yeah 4l.

  • I purchased the older Baseus 800a model for a couple family members, they are happy with it.

  • waku waku

  • I'm confused. The product description on ebay states up to 8.0 litre petrol.

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      There are 3 models.

      • +1

        Ah yes now I see.
        So no good for my Bugatti Veyron?

        • +1

          Use 2 at once.

          Hmm… I'd need a few to power a flux capacitor.

          • @McFly: Best to charge the flux capacitor from the 240V powerpoint directly. (from experience)

        • +1

          No need. Your butler has the right device ready to go whereever you may be.

          • +1

            @seamonkey: OK - will ring my bell for Parker when the need arises.

        • No good for my Dodge Viper either

  • This might work in series for escooter Overvolt

  • Any long-term owners can shed light on how much battery deteriorate over time for these lithium ones, especially when stored fully charged in the heat?
    I’ve only have the old styled lead-acid jump starters up until now.

    • I had a cheapie Kogan one that is about 4+ yrs old and it the batteries have swelled up being stored in the car

      • -1

        Car fire incoming. Make sure you send us the pics if you live.
        🎵 O Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling 🎵

        • +1 for singing

  • Is this effective in jump-starting a platypus?

    • +1

      I'd suggest an electric eel for that.

      • +3

        Pikachu sounds better :D

        • True, the difference is that electric eels actually exist.

  • Has this a USB port for charging phones whilst camping etc?

    • +7

      Let me click the click for you…
      "This multi-use jump starter can serve as an emergency light and a fast charger for phones, computers and other devices."

    • +1

      Yes, but if you don't need the 12V output to crank a car you can get better power banks for phones with USB QC and PD for less.

  • -2

    Can this be used to power a 2000w continuous pure sine wave inverter for household appliances such as hair dryer and 1500w blender?

    • +3


    • +3

      How about a 3phase welder? How much of a collins class sub could I do before needing to top up?

      • +1

        Probably 60% or so. Best to buy two and run in a series.

  • +2

    How's this compared to the 1200v GOOLOO units that often graces the pages of OzBargain ?

    • +5

      This one is 12V

      • Haha. Oops I meant 1200A model. It is any safer (fire risk) when storing it in the car etc?

        • No fire risk that I can see unless you store it in the engine bay. It's just a powerbank essentially

    • +1

      I have the GOOLOO which is amazing. I'm considering this deal for my other car with a small engine as the peace of mind really is worth it. I've used my GOOLOO on a few occasions now, they pay for themselves the moment you use them. Hoping this Baseus is okay, I doubt it's the same level of quality.

      Make sure you recharge them regularly too. I have a repeat reminder on my phone. About every 3 months, even though its still about 85% charged at that point.

  • Will this start a Tesla (or other EV) with a flat 12V battery?

    This is a serious question. The by far most common reason for EVs to require roadside assistance is a flat 12V battery. For safety reasons the high voltage battery usually is disconnected when parked and not charging. The 12V battery is required to start up the electronics that then activates the contactors to get the HV battery online.

    • i wouldnt have thought EVs need as much crank power to start as an ICE - has tesla confirmed how many amps required?

      • Same, didn’t think heaps of current is required to connect the charges (as opposed to cranking the ICE). But then again I’m uneducated on the tech.

    • If the lead-acid battery goes below a certain voltage, the solid state circuit won't power up by design. This is because the ICs won't function.

      Important to know what caused the AGM to go flat, or is it failing after being in service for too long. However one of these, jumping the lead acid battery with this may work if you can boot the Tesla to run mode in time, as these kick-starters only tend to provide high-current assistance for a few seconds (to overcome the torque needed to begin cranking an ICE). However they do provide a limited charge after the which is probably enough to fire top the Tesla anyhow- you'd have to test it to know unless someone on here knows any better.

      If you do get one, try not to keep it fully charged, and don't keep it in the car, in the sun: The level of charge (stored energy) and temperature are the things that destroy the internal chemistry of any Li Ion battery, and quickly render a tool like this useless in an emergency.

      • Dratt, I guess it won't replace my ride on mower battery.

    • Some of the statements are not all true

      There used to be a period of time for model s and x the 12v battery will drain itself all the way to unusable IF the owner decided to charge the car to 100%, kept on connecting to the charger and left it for a prolonged period of time. There was a software fix applied maybe a year or two ago to fix that.

      For model 3, the 12v is monitored and trickle charged across the time. At the point when the system detected abnormalities of the 12v the system will let you know on screen that the battery is due to replace and automatically notified the service centre to order the replacement battery. literally you still have weeks to use before it’s completely unusable.

  • Why are there 2 official Baseus stores on ebay?


    Which one of them is fake? or both fake?

  • am getting $72 as the price

  • +1

    Anyone just get message from seller saying it off stock (after confirmed) ? And pushing 20000mah?

    • Yeah, same thing here unfortunately.

    • yep i got the same

    • sames

    • +1

      Same, just replied happy to wait. They pushed you to cancel to order and rebuy the more expensive ones doggy marketing.

      • Agree. Sounds like the old bait and switch

    • +1

      same .. I will wait for 8000 to be in stock

      • +1

        I told them that bait and switch is against ebay ppolicies, but they can send me the 12000 unit for no extra cost haha

        • +1

          Done the same ask for 12000 unit. The response from them was to cancel the original order and refund, without reply. Don't think ill bother with these clowns, again.

          • +1

            @arsenal1: Agree.it's not like they are some individual person. Reasonable sized business…

  • "Hi there,
    We’re so sorry that the "Baseus 8000mAh Car Jump Starter" you ordered was stockout. The new item will not arrive until a month later.Would you like to cancel the oder and reorder the 20000mAh/12000mAh one?The 20000mAh/12000mAh Car Jump Starter are better than the 8000 mAh one and have enough item."


  • everyone still waiting for them to have stock? They keep replying asking "to avoid you from waiting, is it acceptable for you that we issue a full refund for you first and when the new items arrive you can buy it with the same price,is it ok?"

    I keep being persistent saying ok to wait lol

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