LEGO AT-ST 30495 $4.99 + Delivery (Free with Prime or $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


This little bag is half price at Amazon, it was a freebie recently with LEGO purchase over $100 I think but $4.99 is pretty good!

Everywhere else is about $11 or $12 without postage so great little stocking filler, work from home desk, heck even your office desk. No limits on purchases so can build your own little army of AT-ST's…

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Doesn’t look like it’s worth any more than $4.99 anyway >_<

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      You might be in luck. Let me just check the price for you… ummmm, yep $4.99.


      Spoiler. Sounds like a pile of wookie shit.

      • Take ya damn upvote 😂

        • Is your username inspired by lightsabers?

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          It's time for ozbargain to upgrade to a voice record note function. Imagine.

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    Yep new office desk ornament sorted. Thank u op

  • Very small AT-ST

  • Ozbargain xmas sock stuffer of the year

    I mean, this should be a poll topic

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    Kris Kringle sorted… wait what u gave me the same thing?

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    • I see what you did there..

  • Was a freebie with orders over $50 I believe as it was also included with the Boba Fett's Starship set I ordered recently.

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    It was $4.99
    Then they jacked up the price to $10+
    Now it's back at $4.99
    Also this cheapie is back in stock and gets you OP for free

    • Thanks for the tip, got both sets for my son to give as a birthday present!

  • Got this for free with a Mando helmet and it's actually quite decent. A nice gift for secret Santa or whatnot.

  • awesome, thanks OP

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    Back to full price now

    • Thanks! Mark Expired.

  • Back to discounted price.

  • Back in stock at the lower price

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