Pet Marvel Smart Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box + 30L Tofu Cat Litter + 60pcs Waste Bags $499 (Value $868.70) Delivered @ Panmi



  • Automatic self-cleaning
  • Multiple safety protection
  • 99.9% disinfection rate & deodorization
  • 46dB low-noise operation
  • Compatible with tofu litter, bentonite litter and mixed litter
  • Alert on insufficient litter & Reminder of dustbin box full
  • Real-time toilet Behavior Data
  • APP Control
  • Easy to dismantle and clean

About the offer:


  • 60 days Money Back Guarantee
  • Local stock
  • 12-month local warranty

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  • +1

    Better than pettree?

  • -2

    Pet Marvel Smart Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box $499 (RRP $699) + Free 30L Tofu Cat Litter and 60pcs Waste Bags

    Pet Marvel Smart Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box = $372.37
    Pet Marvel Cat Waste Bags 60Pcs = $14.89
    Pet Marvel Cat Litter 2.5L x 5 = $22.35 x 5

    How exactly are the cat litter and waste bags free?

    • +1

      Litter box is normally $499.

      If you add up your numbers, they still reach $499, making the extras effectively free.

    • +1

      The price of the litter box is $499. others are free.

      • -1

        You say its free but it literally shows a list with the price of the waste bag and cat litter. Even during check out you can clearly see that you are being charged for it.

        Last I checked free means $0 not discounting something and making people pay for additional items so they end up with the pre discount price. I understand what you are trying to say but surely you can't show items being charged at checkout and claim that they're free.

        • +4

          Thanks for pointing this out. Understand your concern.

          The reason why it shows like this is because our system doesn't support free extra bundles. We will raise this to our IT team to fix this problem asap.

          Apologize for the confusion caused and thanks for helping us improve.

          I have adjusted the post to make it accurate.

          • +2


            We will raise this to our IT team to fix this problem asap.

            20 minutes later it was fixed. That's a good IT team.

        • +6

          A lot of companies including Samsung don't have a way to make things $0. They would rather discount the price of 'free' item from the actual item you are buying. You are just having a fit for no reason here.

          Good on the company to update their system to accommodate your tantrum

    • +1

      They are discounting the actual litter box.

  • +2

    Imagine spending $500 on a litter box that the cat hates and doesn't want to use lol

  • Was about to purchase but when adding the litterbox and at the checkout page it only shows the litter box @ $499. The other free bonus extras are not listed- should I be concerned or I will assume the bonus extras litter/ waste bags will be included?

    • +1

      Please have access to the offer through popup inside product page. Or just add 1* litter box + 5cat litter + 1waste bag into cart then check out

      • Still not showing $499.

        I've clicked "Grab this deal" and it still shows as $668.70 when checking out - and also tried adding them separately to cart giving a total of $668.70.

        What am I doing wrong?

        • That's weird it works on my side….

          No worries I just generated an exclusive code for you. will PM you

  • No. Just no. I cannot comprehend how this is perceived as a bargain. $500 is already absolutely ridiculous but to tell us that it's worth $868.70 just puts it beyond the pale. Like come on, marketing "APP control, Real-time toilet Behavior Data and alert on insufficient litter & Reminder of dustbin box full" as selling points is absurd. I have an indoor cat and if I am ever remiss in cleaning his litter tray, he bloody well lets me know.

    • +1

      Iwouldn you like a medal?

      I have a Petkit one since they were first released. Best $600 I have ever spent

      You also use way way way less litter. It has easily paid for itself, smells way less, stops me forgetting to change litter.

      .now move along and keep your trolling elsewhere.

    • +1

      yea, but imagine you go on vacation for 3-4 nights, having this, automatic feeder and water fountain, you would save on either having a friend check on them, or worst paying for a catsitter, which is usually 50-100$ a day. its a pretty great idea

    • +1

      It's a matter of convenience for you and your cats. Why drive a car when you can walk? Why use home automation when you can use a physical button? Why use a computer when you can use abacus?

      Just some life luxuries!

  • +1

    Anyone got one of these??

    • +1

      Ya same, been looking at Pat tree for a while.

  • +1

    Definitely included in money back guarantee? No mention on product page and terms say only included on products which say on group buying/prodigy page.

    Also who is responsible for return shipping if using money back guarantee? I imagine something of this size will be very costly to send if it’s on the buyer

    • Hi , Please refer to the money back guarantee

      For a change of mind return, customer needs to bear the return freight cost
      For device faulty, we will bear the return freight cost

      • +1

        Thanks. The likely cost of freight makes the money back guarantee worthless. And $500 too much to chance of cat ends up not using it

        • It's not really worthless, freight isn't that much these days and really sounds quite nice of them to provide this given it's a sanitary item for your pet. Not really their fault if it just so happens your cat is fussy and doesn't like it haha. Some cats don't like particular litter materials, let alone an automatic tray. We have the petkit (similar) and both our cats jumped right in the moment we set it up. Anyways, just saying, paying a fraction of the cost to return a toilet your cats didn't like is a pretty good service.

        • We can help generate a return label for change of mind return as well, our rate is much cheaper than the standard rate ……

  • +1

    Can you customise when it clears the litter (IE: immediately, certain amount of time after the cat has been in there)?

    Also interested in how the money back guarantee works.

    • You can check this vedio out to see how it works.

      • It says it would automatically be cleaned after 3 minutes. My question is if it was customisable.

        • Yes, you can customise when it clears the litter and the default time for self-cleaning is 3 minutes after cat goes out.

  • What kind of littler will this require? Can I use any plastic bag that will fit the tray?

  • I like the idea of self-cleaning but manually cleaning the litter box is a good way to detect cat urinary problems at the early stage.

    The machine wouldn't tell your cat couldn't pee.

  • Fast delivery. Mine arrived today. Not set it up yet so I do hope its worth it. I hoping it saves time and money overall. If I don't need to clean it myself everyday then I am already ahead 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mini review for anyone interested.

    Delivery was very quick (ordered Monday and received Friday). The box does what it's supposed to and I'm using much less litter than I normally would. My cat doesn't dig as much as he used to so there's also less litter flying around.

    I am disappointed with the app. It's very basic and I have to click out to the main page and then back into the device to refresh it. The history log also only lasts a day, I was hoping that it would maintain a history to diagnose any possible issues later down the line. The scale is very inaccurate, I've only got one cat and his weight, according to the box, ranges from 3KG and 4.3KG - he's 4.5KG on my scales.

    Aesthetically, I think the Petkit looks better, but this unit does have a bigger tray. I also wish you could remove the scoop part like you can with the Petkit.

    Overall I'm glad I got it though, it's expensive, but I no longer need to clean the litter and there's less litter being kicked out of the litter box.

    For anyone interested, it's currently $417.60 on Ebay without the extras (you might need ebay plus).

    • Hey, thanks for the mini review. Ive used mine for a few weeks now and they've begun to really use it more often. I think it has saved me a lot of time.

      Couple issues ive come across. Urine being stuck in the far right corner and cloest bottom right corner on the occasions.

      How do we clean the entrance? This morning i found a stream of pee where the entrance is (where the holey grate is) and wet at the lip but I cant access it from the front. Anyone know if you can remove the grey entrance hood for easier cleaning?

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