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Instant Pot 8L Duo Crisp and Air Fryer $249 Delivered ($0 C&C) @ Target


Was $389. Online Only. Stack with 22% cashback ($30 cap) at Cash rewards.

  • Instant pressure cooker and air fryer
  • 2 convenient, removable lids
  • 11 one-touch smart cooking programs: pressure cook, sauté, steam, slow cook, sous vide, warm, air fry, roast, bake, broil, dehydrate
  • Advanced safety protection: 10+ built-in safety mechanisms including automatic pressure and temperature control and overheat protection
  • New EasySeal pressure cooking lid automatically sets to seal when locked and the pressure release button vents steam from a distance
  • EvenCrisp technology: ensures tender juicy meals with a crisp, golden finish, using little to no oil
  • 8L capacity
  • 1500 watts
  • Australian plug 220V-240V
  • Product dimensions: 39.6cm (W) x 56.6cm (D) x 45.5cm (H)
    Product weight: 15.2kg

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  • +1

    Thanks OP! I had been looking at getting an Instant Pot for a long time, but was also looking to replace a broken air fryer so this was perfect timing.

    I also received $10 off the order by creating a Target account.

    • Don't forget $30 cashback!

      • Do you have any link for $30 cashback?

        • +3

          It's on CashRewards

  • +1

    Got this for 299 from Amazon a couple of months ago.

    This is a good choice If you need a pressure cooker that can do air-fry as well.

    It comes with two inter-changeable lids which we preferred and a Stainless steel inner pot which we loved.

    The air-fry basket that comes with the unit is garbage. so hard to clean and the food takes ages to cook.

    We ended up using the metal stand + tray instead of a the basket and its working beautifully.

    • my airfryer use has been great. maybe try putting your food on the dehydrator stand placed inside the air fry basket!

    • Which tray are you using please?

  • Got one. Thanks, OP

  • I was looking at a previous deal and someone was saying the slow cooking function didn't work. Is this still a problem? And is this the best unit for slow cooking/pressure cooking?

    • +1

      Yes, doesn't work really well - I think most electric cookers has the same issue with slow cooking.

      • +1

        My Instant Pot Duo (non air Fryer) works fine for slow cooking. I also have an old multi cooker that works well also.

        Instant Pot will lose less moisture and maybe be slightly less even cooking then a dedicated ceramic slow cooker. If you do lots of slow cooking, then it is probably worth getting a cheap slow cooker, otherwise multi-cookers are better for saving space.

    • +1

      I use ninja op300, pretty much the same functionality and price. It works alright

  • +1

    The air fryer in this is shit, the pot for airfrying is smaller than the one for pressure cooking and even then most of the volume is height. So it's like a small air fryer that takes up haeps of space.

  • +2

    I got this from the Amazon $219 deal in August last year. Absolutely worth it. While I will say the air fryer is on the smaller side (as others have said), it is perfectly fine for two people. Some say it is a "master of none" but I disagree. It is a master of being an instant pot (slow cooking, pressure cooking, steaming, etc) with the additional benefit of being able to air fry as well. I use the air fry function more than the instant pot functions mainly to reheat lunches when working from home. If you want to make enough for a family of 5, this air fryer won't do it as well as a larger air fryer. Still perfectly able to make enough for a family using the instant pot functions though.

  • Thanks OP - pulled the trigger

  • No yoghurt setting so no go for me. Unless it really does have one and it's not mentioned….

    • The Nova model has yoghurt function but doesn't come with the Air-fry lid.

    • No specific yoghurt setting, but apparently you can use the sous-vide setting for the same result

    • We use Sous Vide mode with 46 C temp which is good enough for us to make Yogurt regularly and ferment other batters

  • +6

    Just a tip that these are HUGE and take up a lot of real estate on your bench (and in the cupboards) due to sheer volume and extra lid etc.

    Love ours but finding space is always a challenge.

    • Keep it in the butler's kitchen

  • Can u make fried icecream?

    • If you can make fried icecream in an oven, then yes

  • Thanks OP! My partner had been eyeing one for a while now and this price alone is the best we've seen. Combined with $30 back from Cashrewards and it's a really really good deal.

  • +1

    how does it compare to the Duo Nova? e.g. https://www.amazon.com.au/Instant-Pot-Electric-Multi-Use-Sta...

    Is Duo Nova the newer version and normal Duo is the old model?

    • +1, interested if this is just objectively better than the Nova

    • Scroll down this link for a comparison. The Duo doesn't air fry whereas this one does.


      • seems like duo classic is totally not buyable.

        The duo nova still seems like the best unless you need air drying?

        • Nothing wrong with the duo classic. Nova is just a little better.

          No point getting the crisp if you are not going to use the air fryer function.

  • Looks like I can't get delivery or pickup from anywhere near Brisbane. Amazon have dropped it to $255 though.

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