Razer BlackShark V2 Pro-Wireless Esports Headset $139 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Umart


A good pair of gaming headphones, I have these and think they're quite comfortable for 1-3 Hr usage. Razer also has good software to make tweaks unlike some other manufactures.

The theme is from Rainbow Six Siege.

It can also be had for $159 Delivered from Centre Com:


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  • 1-3hr session is such… non-pro.

    8hrs+ review please ?

  • +3

    Sorry haven't tried past 3 hrs!

    The rest of the 21 hours I spend on OzBargain

  • Guess the Rainbow Six Siege ones haven't been popular at all, because they're a lot cheaper everywhere than the black versions right now. FYI it was about this price (given this is +delivery most likely) a week ago on eBay and might still be cheaper there depending on the delivery for this one.

    But if anyone can find the black ones for the magic $150 mark, please post 'em up!

  • These are good. Tried them before, excellent response and they are really light.

  • I have the black version of these, sound is muddy and dull and microphone is average. MicroUSB too instead of Type C

    Not sure if there is any better wireless headsets for the money or I am expecting too much from it.

    • Micro USB is quite annoying.

      The microphone threshold I can never get quite right with this headset or any other. There's always someone complaining you're breathing too much or voice is too low..

  • I didn't find their software to be all that good and was pretty pissed off to find it only includes 1 single use licence on the card (So if you change device or format your machine, fun times to be had).

  • Save your ears.. And the hassle with raser customer service when these inevitably die in few months by buying a normal headphone and microphone.

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