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[Android] Free - FitOlympia Pro - Gym Workouts (Was $29) @ Google Play


Great gym/workout app free on the app store again. Tonnes of solid plans and exercises available with no ads.

There is an iOS version but I don't believe that's free at the moment.

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    Anyone use it?
    How does it compare with jefit?

  • Grabbed it last time it was free and went straight back to Jefit. Just much prefer the layout and content on Jefit

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    Sorry but following a workout that is not tailored to your needs is just stupid.

    Either learn how to do your own programming or invest in a quality coach who can write one for you.

    These carbon copy training (and similarly nutrition) plans are just trash.

  • Nah. After installing it offers a upgrade. When you tap Update, it sends you back to Playstore.

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