[SA, WA, QLD] Healthy Pets Plus $22.50 (50% off) for First 3 Months for New Members @ Green Cross Vets


What the product is: https://www.greencrossvets.com.au/healthy-pets-plus/

The deal link explains the offer.

Bought it today and thought I'd share. You decide if its right for you.

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  • Couldn't see where it's limited to certain states (unless I'm blind) but just tried to submit an order as a NSW resident and nothing happened when I input the coupon

    • In the title of the pdf

  • Does anyone have any experience with this product? How does it compare to other pet insurance?

    Sorry for the open ended questions, I've just rescued a pup and am about to start investigating insurance options.

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      Its not pet insurance? Its vet membership. It is only worthwhile for the first year of a puppy as the vaccinations are included and it costs all up just the same as the membership. Covers routine visits. I've used it quite a few times with my new puppy. I still maintain an insurance for those accidental mishaps or unknown conditions. A friend's kid dropped their puppy and its leg fractured. They didn't have insurance and only took out the vet membership. $5000 plus out of pocket.

      • Thanks for the heads up.

  • I have it for my 2 older dogs, is worth it for us as we use 4 consultations for each dog per year which is about $1200 just in consults. Discount on heart medication free vaccines etc.
    Only thing with greencross is beware of the upsell! They will try and sell you stuff you don't need. Push you towards having blood tests, echo cardiograms etc that you don't need. and hundreds for a teeth clean which a good groomer will do for $20 with a groom.

    Only reason I stay with them is the expense of consults with other vets.

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      Groomers don't clean teeth, at least not properly. It's like asking your hairdresser to be your dentist…

      • Mine do. I know them personally and do a great job with my dogs teeth. Especially now one can’t be put under due to heart condition.

        • i think that's a special circumstance, i agree with everything else you said i would also add they have free emergency consults too (at some clinics).

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