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20% off Mearth Electric Scooters (and some others) + Delivery Only @ Harvey Norman (Online Only)


My Segway E45 was stolen on Friday, so time for a new one! I found Harvey Norman has a 20% off Mearth scooters (and some other brands), online only. Maybe others will find it useful.

Some examples:

  • Mearth S $699 comes down to $559.20
  • Mearth S Pro $899 comes down to $719.20
  • Mearth RS Pro $1,499 comes down to $1,1993.20
  • Mearth GTS Max dual motor $2,799 comes down to $2,239.20

Seems like a good price, even though it's Harvey Norman. If you've seen a deal for a good lock, let me know!

There are some other scooter brands on there also on sale, including some Kids push ones.

Usual caveat, not legal in all states. Check your local laws before purchase.

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  • Just read this about the “Mearth s pro”

    Equipped with quality features, such as 360W motor and triple brake system, the Mearth S Pro Electric Scooter gives you peace of mind on every trip. It also comes with a 10-inch explosion-proof tyres and offers a speed of up to 32km per hour within a 45km range, making it powerful enough for daily travels.

    Speed of up to 32kmph within a 45km range, sounds decent but could be cheaper than $719

    • 10" tyres, 350W power with 750W peak power seems reasonable for $719. Compared to a Xiaomi Pro 2 where you 8.5" tyres and 300W power with 600W peak power.

      • +1

        u can convert pro2 to 10 inch. still would rather the pro2. built quality and reliability proven, millions of xiaomi out there, and about 2 mearths on the road as most will be in peoples shed broken down waiting for warranty repairs. but try your luck and let us know.
        plenty of parts and accessories for xiaomi.. mearth? hmmm need anything you need to email them and wait to see if they have stock.. they cant even have their website with parts listed to buy.

        • I already have better than both so I won't be trying this out.

  • +3

    bad enough its harvey.. worst still its mearth. read previous posts by this company and youll mearth in your pants if you buy from this mob

  • I own this - GTS Max and very disappointed. I cant increase the speed when the battery is around 40-50% . That never happened with my friend segway scooter. Speed will be the same even the battery is 20-30% full.

    • +3

      Max speed is voltage dependent, as voltage drops max speed also drops. When a scooter doesn’t slow with voltage drop it’s just that the max speed has been limited so you don’t see the drop. Eg Segway Max with a gen 2 motor would be restricted to 30kmh out the box, unrestricted 37kmh. At lower voltage derestricted it would be doing 30-31kmh still, but you just don’t see it if you’re limited to 30kmh.

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