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[eBay Plus, NSW, VIC] 24-Bottle Case: Asahi Super Dry $32.99, Fat Yak Original Pale, Crown Lager $37 Delivered @ Cub_beer eBay


I'd expect shipping is limited to NSW, ACT, VIC only judging from previous posts, although postage description does not seem to exclude other states.

Excludes: _NT, _Q1, _Q2, _Q3, _Q4, _S1, _S2, _T1, _W1, _W2, _W3

Part of Deal: Use code PUNDER50 to get $15 off.


Fat Yak Original Pale Ale Beer 24 x 345mL Bottles $37 delivered.

Crown Lager Beer 24 x 375mL Bottles $37 delivered.

More discounted grogs here.

Original Coupon Deal

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    Item doesn't post to you

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      Yep pretty shit that they only ship to a few places.

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      Won't ship to QLD

      • State Government

        • Rubbish! CUB ships to QLD. I regularly buy Asahi delivered from them.

          But ebay CUB offers don't ship to many places.

          • @Rather be Travelling: Your sure it isn’t related to the same kind of regulatory restrictions around retailers, like for example, supermarkets bring unable to sell grog?

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              @entropysbane: No.
              Licencing Laws certainly governs sale of alcohol by supermarkets in Qld etc. So no orders via Coles.

              CUB regularly sends alcohol to me in Brisbane, when ordered through Catch, Kogan, etc.

              But won't deliver here or to many places if order via ebay!

              So it's not a QLD issue. Likely an eBay restriction.

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    Asahi Super Dry - Australian brewed - inferior taste to Japanese brewed in 500ml cans🍺

    Bought those 12L Japanese cartons for around $48 delivered in Deals. Still have 2 cartons🍺
    And these Ebay Deals never Deliver to me!
    So no way!

    • I've had the cans recently and my particular box was horrible, tasted and frothed as if it had been through a tumble dryer :(

      • Pity about that!
        I go through a fair few cartons - never had that problem. Would put you of it🍺

      • +1

        My last 2 cases have been way over gassed. Open and spew forth.

        • Yeah was really disappointed. Rather than risk it I just buy local beer now, if you want the real deal go to Japan and get it fresh.

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    Cheers OP, grabbed the case of 4 pines pale for $45 delivered

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    Thanks, Bought Asahi Super Dry 24 Bottles $32.99
    Note: Use code PUNDER50 to get $15 off only once,
    I can't use on Crown Lager.

    • probably for the best, Crown lager is probably one of the worst beers out there

      • Miller chill is the worst beer, followed closely by great northern (the beer for people who don't like beer)

        • Great northern, aka covid test, for when you've lost your sense of taste, only then can you drink it

      • Damn I love Crownies however I concede my opinion is not popular

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    Silver bullet Tokyo TEDs or nothing

  • Are there any websites that specialise in alcohol deals?

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      You're on it

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  • Almost bought the crafts beer mixed case but they changed the price while I was in cart from $50 to $94!

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      It comes back to $49.99 every 10 minutes or so

      • +3

        You’re right. I kept refreshing

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        Thanks, took a few goes but I eventually got it for $34.99

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      Came here to suggest the craft beer mixed 16 which is an absolute steal for $35.

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    No love for SA

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    Case of 4 Pines Pale Ale for $45 is great.

    • Precisely what I went for!

    • Thanks mate, bought a case

    • Such a good price for 24x 375ml cans , one of my favs I grabbed one

    • I'm on the case too.

  • How do we know the coupon expiry is May-31?

    • I don’t know, mod put the date in. They either have inside info or the clue is in the url link https://www.ebay.com.au/e/coupon-offers/plus-weekend-deals-under-50-may22

  • does this deliver to every state in Australia?

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      I'd expect shipping is limited to NSW, ACT, VIC only judging from previous posts

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    Only for ebay plus members

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    Bought BoozeBud The Ultimate Craft Beer Mixed Case Case of 16 Craft Beer, $35.

    Thanks op

  • Has alcohol

  • Used my code on pans. Oh well.

    • Surely your partner or someone else in the house have another eBay account? 😉

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    I must be one of few people that actually likes Crown, cheers OP bought a case

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      VB and Foster are bottom of my list.

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