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Up to 89% off Bike Locks, Lubricants, Lights, Parts, Scooters, Sunglasses + $9.95 Shipping ($0 C&C/ $99 Order) @ Cycle Station



We've just launched some fantastic savings in our Mad May Sale. Hundreds of products reduced.

As usual there is free shipping when you spend over $99.

Flat rate $9.95 shipping on smaller orders, or free pickup in our Albury, NSW store.

For more great deals visit www.cyclestation.com.au/sale/









JUST A FEW OF THE AWESOME DEALS (In no particular order)…


I could spend all day typing out deals, but better for everyone just to take a look! View the full sale here

Happy shopping everyone!

PS - On a post this long, there's a chance I could have made an error - if so please let me know and I'll fix it.

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  • Just a tip, look under military surplus, they have great boots for $20 These are Austrlian Made Taipan. Very limited sizes. But if you have big feet I managed to put 10 of the size 12 in my cart. (now I have cancelled that so they should still be available). (for shorties they have size 5.5 as well)

    I bought these a few years back on one of their past sales and they are great. So good I dont need to replace them. (I use them for wet weather use)


    Features include.
    Contoured removable insert
    Leather 2.2-2.4mm
    Black full grain
    Pull tabs
    Steel Toe
    Vamp lining
    Biagioli insole
    Dual Density Rubber Soling (Direct Injection) DDR®
    Sole tread pattern that minimises retention of stones and dirt.
    Abrasion resistant
    Reduce foot & leg fatigue there for less strain on your back & knees
    Slip resistant
    Heat resistance up to 300◦C

  • Abus locks like X540 cheaper elsewhere still, $129.99 at Pushys…. about $140 at Amazon…vs $199 in this 'sale'


    • Thanks for pointing that out. I wasn't aware of that - when putting together a sale with this many items it's difficult to check every competitor regarding every product.

      You will notice that Pushy's has it marked as was $269.99, essentially the same RRP (which is real, from the wholesaler), they really were this price recently.
      $129.99 is a dead set bargain on this product, a long way below the normal wholesale cost let alone retail.
      My guess is that Pushy's must have snapped up a supplier clearance special on these that we didn't go for. We do take advantage of a lot of supplier clearances and pass on the savings (eg the Weldtite products above), but hadn't on this one, we had our stock of these a lot longer and paid well over $129.99 wholesale.

      That all said
      1) I'll mark these down to match that price.
      2) Your putting 'sale' in quotations as if to imply the whole post isn't really much of a sale is a bit unreasonable. This is one product out of over 500 I've put on sale, and something like 50 in this email. We've done our best to make sure we are the cheapest online for products listed in the sale, but as a small business with that many products on sale, something may slip though like this one did. The discount offered was genuine, it just wasn't as deep as what someone else had on the same item, in this one instance.

      • CENTURO 860 $49.99 at Pushys and $75 in your 'sale'
        ULTRA MINI 410 $39.99 at Pushys and $60 in your 'sale'
        ULTRA 410C $69.99 at Pushys and $75 in your 'sale'

        Along with the original comment that is the first 4 locks in your list all cheaper at Pushys, and should note Catch, Kogan, Amazon etc etc. generally have them less that your offer. Not looked any more.

        OK might be a sale by your standards but it's not a bargain if listed price is less on multiple other websites. Put the X540 in to Google and the first 6 listings are all cheaper than your sale.

        • I'll be updating the prices of these locks shortly to match the competitors price and will update here again when complete, since you correctly pointed out that another retailer has them cheaper, with a deeper discount off the RRP than us.

          The listings on eBay, Kogan and Catch for this product are all Pushys as well - that's the same one retailer listing their stock on multiple marketplaces.Like you i haven't looked much futher.

          I'm in the process of doing price checks on everything we have listed. Everything else I've checked so far is the cheaper anyone in Australia including cheaper than Pushys for the products they do have, or at worst is at the same price for any that another retailer has also discounted some of these items. But this is taking some time as we've been inundated with orders and enquiries from others who are finding great value in a lot of the items in our sale.

        • +1

          Prices on these products you identified have been updated to be either the same or below the competitor you identified, who also has these products as part of their current sale.

          I'm continuing to work through doing price checks on other products as I mentioned, everything else I've checked so far except for ABUS, we are the cheapest online within Australia.

          A few other ABUS brand products that are on our sale page but not listed here are also in the process of being updated.

  • https://www.tradeinn.com/bikeinn/en/ulac-memory-cable-lock/1...

    ULAC 1970 Memory Cable Combo Lock is cheaper at BikeInn. $15.99

    • +1

      Hi Erik,
      Bike Inn isn't an Australian retailer, they are based in the USA and only ship to Australia, aren't based here. So basically a grey import without Australian warranty.
      Their shipping cost if you buy this one item is $15.99. Add two to the cart, the shipping price goes up to $18.99. Buy half a dozen items that would be free shipping with us once you go over $100, their shipping price just goes up and up, the shipping cost of 6 locks is almost $40 from them.

      If you buy one of these and nothing else at Bike Inn, you will pay a total of $15.99 + $15.99 with them = $31.98
      If you buy one of these and nothing else from us, you would pay a total of $19 + $9.95 = $28.95. So on this comparison your total spend including shipping is 10% cheaper with us.

      Based on this, ours is still a deal, 10% cheaper from us than from a grey import with no Aussie warranty.

      • Not that I care particularly but BikeInn and indeed all the "Inn" companies are based in Spain.

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