expired Samsung Galaxy Note Blue N7000 $499 with Free Delivery/ eGlobalDigitalCameras

Samsung Galaxy Note Blue N7000 $499 with Free Delivery/ eGlobalDigitalCamerasAffiliate

I think you all know by now ,what is a galaxy note .. So I'll just say

This is $10 cheaper than the earlier post making it just under $500

Personally, I would love to get this but I love my N9 Thanks HN Deal !

Only Blue colour Which looks Black by the way available for this price. Don't knw whats with different price for different colours. Looks like the dulux dog is painting a premium colour !!

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    I bought white one for wife last week from DWI which worked out $503 with UPS delivery and 2% PayPal fees. Very fast delivery. Worth a look if you want other colours.

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    Watch out. Word on WP last week is that eglobal are doing a dwi andand dabbling in a bit of extortion.
    Seems they wouldn't honour their original deal on a white gnote, so they charged $9 extra to change the order to a blue gnote. WE MAKE NO LOSS ON ANY ORDER.



    Also, I've read that many people received their phones from this seller with broken seals which really concerns me very much

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    I bought the deal from Kogan last week for $489 + $19 del but ended up getting for $437 delivered as I looked on EBay and found someone selling a $300 Kogan gift card which I managed to bargain down to $229 on a best offer situation. The seller sent me the card code as soon as payment went through and ordered a few mins later.
    Very happy and a great price

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    I got mine from Kogan too - they had a couple of days whereby the system wasnt calculating Postage and ended up buying it for $479 delivered.. Its "fixed" now though unfortunately..

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    Please do a seach for DWI or eglobal before posting "deals" or purchasing from these shonky rip off merchants. The writing is on the wall..its just not worth it…

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      I have bought a Xoom, a DSLR and a Galaxy Note from DWI in the last six months. All were brand new sealed in packaging. What problem did you have with them in your dealings?


        I did buy the Xoom in the same deal. I did indeed receive a broken seal which I emailed them about and they replied that they opened it to check the content. They also put the adapter for the OZ plug.

        It was shipped fast and I am happy with my purchase.



          They use that adapter excuse to pass off customer returns as new stock.

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          Any proof of that or are you just nay saying?

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          It's hard to proof or dis-proof what stumo said but seller can just provide a simple tick box option so buyer can tell seller whether we want them to break the seal or not. I certainly want my box sealed and just leave the adapter outside the box.


    The following domains all look like they're the same company;



    order & paid the note on last friday around 1pm. Got called around 4pm on the same day to confirm address. Then got email that it is shipped on the same day. Surprisingly I receive DHL delivery today at 3pm.
    Everything is just so smooth. However, it is unsealed when arrived. I check everything is new, unlock and no screen problem. However, I paid $504 delivered, and now the price is gone down to $497…

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