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KEF KHT2005.3 Home Entertainment System 5.1 Home Theatre System RRP $2099 down to $999


Hi Guys

This is a high end system and we only have 8 in stock. Reduced $1100 from $2099 to $999. It has won 5 stars from What Hi Fi. Only 8 sets in Black available - $30 deliery or free pick up.

5 Year Warranty on speakers
1 Year on Subwoofer

KEF KHT2005.3 Home Entertainment System, If you‘re into quality home entertainment, you‘ll know about KEF‘s KHT2005 system - the original won so many awards and 5-star ratings that it would be hard not to. But even rave reviews can‘t prepare you for the experience of listening to the latest version of this high performance system. Those distinctive cast aluminum enclosures house KEF‘s unique Uni-Q® arrays combined with sophisticated metal dome tweeters to deliver vocals that make your hair stand on end.

As before, audiophile quality components are fitted throughout - and with KEF‘s Uni-Q, everyone in the room enjoys the same superbly detailed sound image wherever they are sitting. SATELLITE AND CENTRE SPEAKERS KEF has always been renowned for design integrity, and the new KHT2005.3 is no exception. The cast aluminum enclosures of the satellite speakers are computer optimised to minimise internal resonance and distortion for a purer, cleaner sound. Being identical, there‘s a perfect tonal match between the front and rear surround speakers and the centre channel. The centre speaker can also be placed horizontally for better placement above or below the TV.

The ingenious multidirectional base has been improved and now makes it even easier to place satellite speakers virtually anywhere - on any flat surface, at any angle on walls, or on the optional stands. As they‘re fully magnetically shielded, there‘s no risk of interference with other equipment nearby. Charismatic is the only word to describe the KHT2005.3, the latest evolution of the iconic and original ‘egg‘ - KHT2005. SUBWOOFER – KUBE 2 The KUBE-2 delivers a well defined and impressive bass that is sure to rock any home theatre.

The 200W on-board Class-D amplifier has all the flexibility you need for personalising the output with frequency and level adjustments and a ‘Bass Boost’ control so any personal preference or room specific conditions can be catered for. The KUBE-2 features a side-firing 250mm (10in.) long-throw bass driver and a complementing 250mm (10in.) ABR and is available in black with a high gloss upper surface.


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    I have the 2005.2's at home, I can definitely vouch for KEF at least. They make some excellent speakers. The 3000 series is much better, the sub is better as well, but if you are on a budget and on the lookout for some speakers, this is a good deal.

    I remember I got my 2005.2's for $1400. Wish they had a good deal on the 3005 series, I would have considered upgrading :)

  • Are these Grey Imports or through official distribution channels?

    • +1


      They are official.

      Advance Audio are the official distributors

      You can call them to confirm 02 95610799

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    I would be cautious due to having a KEF Sub-woofer fail due to a design fault were capacitors where located to close to heat source and dried out.

    Fixed thanks to a friend and with instructions at http://lug.demon.co.uk/kefrepair/

    There have been some reports of component failures for Kube-2 (on this site) so not sure how widespread these are.

    Make sure there is a decent warranty period for the sub just in case(mine failed after about 4-5 years).

    Still a great price and sounds great when they are working.

    • Are you saying you know of a place where they are cheaper? Please link to it otherwise your negative vote regarding how a business makes money doesn't really apply.

    • +1

      Unfair Neg is unfair.

    • +1

      Your's is one of the most ridiculous comments I have ever seen on this forum. You're adding no value to the discussion or to other members who may wish to purchase a HT system.

      Can you please let me know what a reasonable price for this item is, or whether I can purchase a better product for cheaper?

      The price this is being offered for appears to be in line with those on sites in the US.

  • $999.. ouch! still high compared to what i just paid for a Yamaha 296 for $350 brand new from Excell HiFi in Melbourne with a 2 year warranty. I believe they have more than 20 left.

    Curious if KEF is better than Yamaha. How long is the warranty? Can you add additional speakers with this unit?

    For the record I'm very happy with my unit if starting out in the home cinema experience.

    • +1

      Hi Piasa

      The KEFs are speakers only, the Yamaha is an Amp & Speaker Package.

      2 completley different products.

      • Cool.. Now that makes since, cuz I do know good quality speakers costs well over $1,000.
        I'm tempted by this deal. Thanks for your reply.

  • Only 6 left guys.

  • +2

    Just came on to say that, as an owner of 2005.3's already, these are amazing!
    They are probably considered to be amongst KEF's middle-end sort of speaker, by typical standards, though they are very high-end and beautiful quality. Absolutely blow away my previous set of surrounds which were very expensive, high-end Sonys (pfftt).
    The sub is great and a real rumble-fest (although you can tweak it to your liking), not recommended if you live in an apartment or have whiney neighbours.
    They have a very "warm" sound to them, if that makes sense, you get a great mid-range instead of that annoying treble/bass ratio. Most people I know with surrounds try to compensate with too much treble to even out their overwhelming sub, and it's just wrong.
    I would recommend an amp/receiver along the lines of Yamaha/Marantz to really get the most out of these (personal preference).
    This price is a steal btw…I paid 2.5g's for mine.

    • I use three of these as my rear and centre speakers. For rear speakers I'm very happy. If I had more space I wouldn't mind a bigger centre speaker, but I have no complaints about these.

      They certainly punch above their weight and, in my opinion, are some of the better value hifi speakers around, especially at this price. Not to be confused with cheaper HTIB options.

  • -6

    You can get 4 Audioengine A5+ speakers for $800, and still have $200 left for a nice center speaker and sub-woofer. (you may struggle a little with $200, you're a ozbargainer, aren't you?) Now, that's audiophile grade for one grand, instead of some small satellite speakers. This doesn't look like it's worth more than a couple of hundred dollars.

    If you want bass, sure the sub-woofer will do the job nicely. But you don't need to spend $1000 for just some good subs. Don't expect realistic (clear, neutral, accurate; insert any audiophile words here) sounds from small-driver speakers, especially mids and highs.

    Remember, in the audio world even the best small-driver small-enclosure speakers can't compare to some average big driver speakers (5 inch or above). That's because dynamic drivers rely very much on their size for quality bass and mids, and separate drivers for quality highs, not to mention the size of the enclosure. Besides, Audioengine A5+ are not just your average speakers, but very good 2-way crossover bookshelf (50-22kHz +/-1.5dB) and approved by many audio-enthusiasts. You may argue those satellite speakers are also 2-way (4inch + 0.75inch) with bass reflex (to compensate for the computer-speaker-sized enclosure), but I hope buyers know what they are getting.

    But of course, if I had one grand to spend on speakers, I might even DIY 5 full-range floor standing speakers that would be better than most, if not all, 5.1 systems. However, I'm poor, so what do I know…

    Beware of snake oil in audio equipment, that's all I'll say.

    Edit:For those who have bought this system or something similar, just ignore me and enjoy the gear you've got.

    • +1

      "This doesn't look like it's worth more than a couple of hundred dollars."
      Thanks for jumping to such a conclusion. But how does it sound?

    • +4

      "Beware of snake oil in audio equipment, that's all I'll say." - I agree… although I wouldn't consider KEFs snake oil :)

    • I might have made a huge mistake, assuming those satellites are tiny…. From the photos, they look so small just like computer speakers, until I checked the dimensions of the enclosure now.

      I'll take back what I said about how it is only worth a couple of hundred dollars, I'm sorry for that.

      But my proposal still stands. Perhaps, A4 (passive) would be better for this and cheaper at $250 for a pair. So, you would still have $500 for a sub and a center (and a good amp if the price allows).

      Edit: First of all, that's the impression I got from the photos. It's weird that they make them look like cheap Creative speakers, and include no reference for their size. I was misled. Second, what I proposed was solid best-bang-for-the-buck speakers. Like most audiophiles, I'm also brainwashed (it's good brainwashing) to believe that commercial 5.1/7.1 systems generally suck regardless of price. Third, many budget-minded (like people on ozbargain) audiophiles would use quality stereo bookshelf for satellites.

      • I thought some people might be interested to know there are always (cheaper/better/comparable) alternatives. I can see how these KHT2005.3 would easily cost $1000. Still not sure about the looks, LOL…

  • +2

    Not the same model but perhaps worth noting that there have been Sub issues in the comments in this section.

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