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Kenwood Kitchen Machine Chef XL Titanium KVL8300S $567 (Click and Collect Only) @ David Jones


Listed on the David Jones website for $899 - extra 40% off at checkout, bringing it down to $567.

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David Jones
David Jones


  • Great deal!

  • Damn amazing. Shame got the Artisan. This would be better for doughs

  • Great price.. uptick

  • +2

    I don't need this because I only eat two minute noodles, but great deal.

  • +1

    Great deal OP, looks like no stock in VIC though

  • Gone. Went to do research on it and boom all gone

    • +1

      Next time, buy first, research later. That is the true way of an OzBargainer ;)

      • I've learnt the lesson too many times.

  • This or a Kitchenaid

    • +1

      Kenwood if your main priority is dough, and you want to do more than a kilo at a time. Kenwood also have a better variety of accessories.

      KitchenAid are better built, longer lasting machines though.

      • +1

        "better built and longer lasting" is highly debatable.
        Kitchenaid use a much less powerful motor which can be stressed easily compared to the Kenwood.

        • Less powerful how? Because they're lower wattage? All else being the same, motor wattage is a mostly meaningless comparison. You're also comparing a less efficient belt pulley transmission to a direct drive setup.

          Used within their respective limitations (hence my dough comment), the KitchenAid will last longer 9/10 times. It is of course up to the consumer whether the limitations are worth the added longevity.

          The Kenwood uses lower quality components overall.

          • +1

            @wintermadness: "The Kenwood uses lower quality components overall." Do you have any evidence to back this up? I have heard the exact opposite in comparisons before, specifically the plastic/nylon gears of the KA kit wearing out or breaking more frequently.

            • +1

              @BoundedRationality: It uses a single sacrificial nylon gear by design, so if the unit is overloaded that's all that breaks. If you overload the Kenwood you're killing the gearbox and/or the motor.

              Source: worked as a repair agent for both brands for 10+ years.

      • Many thanks

  • Wicked deal

  • +1

    well shit… missed out on this offer so bought the KVL85004SI for $809. https://www.davidjones.com/product/kenwood-kvl85004si-titani...

    • +1

      If I buy yours, it would be purely for display at my household because it looks beautiful :D

  • Really good price, I forgot what price I paid a few years ago, higher than this for sure.
    Good product.

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