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50% off Protein @ MYPROTEIN


50% off all Protein. Ends midnight tonight.
Also 40% off everything else across the site.

Perfect time to stock up 👌

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    what is the point of RRPs when these sales come by so regularly.
    Protein stores are becoming like mattress stores. Just don't buy at RRP

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      Majority of stores these days… Coffee, Clothing, Footwear etc etc

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      Literally, I dont think I have ever bought their protein for RRP and I definitely would not buy it for RRP

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      People often forget that the OzBargain mindset is only a small subset of the population. Most people don't hold out for big sales or clearances, they just conveniently walk into stores and buy things without any research beforehand and go on which ones look best to them or the salesman was able to convince them they needed

      • This!!

  • Just need shopback or cashrewards allow code and to increase their cashback.

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    The discount code you entered is invalid or not applicable to the contents of your basket.

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    The reviews are pretty variable. How would these compare to Bulk Nutrients?

    • The protein is amazing tbh, I purchased the White Chocolate and the Salted Caramel. It does have only 20g of protein per serve but you don't get that whey aftertaste when you have it. I have used the white chocolate for cooking pancakes and other things and it's great.

    • +3

      Not as good, Bulk stuff is whey better

      • Are you sure??

        I just compared Choc WPI.
        Bulk Nutrients = 85g / per 100g
        My Protein = 90g / per 100g (also less fat and salt)

        • +1

          My Protein regularly doesn't hit those numbers in lab testing though. I remember Bulk did a heap of independent testing years ago and a lot of the others were delivering way under the advertised rate of protein. Ill see if I can dig up the old post, but it may have been on FB

          • @Agippo: It's not really independent if Bulk were the ones organising the testing lol.

            • +2

              @Circly: It was done by a independent third party. It was something bulk challenged as they knew alot of protein manufacturers blatantly lied on the ingredients tables. And this has been a thing ever since I first started buying protein 25 years ago. It's not something that only happens now.

              Besides ever since myprotein decided to create their own AU store and stop you from buying from their previous store. Prices have jumped massively and I don't find anything worth buying there anymore even with these massive discount sales.

              • @lonewolf: So, Bulk Nutrients is the best bet if you want the most value for protein?

                • +1

                  @monkeyoutlet: I reckon best value these days is specially discounted products. There are so many products out there and its hard to do tests on all of them to really know what you are getting. But generally some brands have a rep for being what they are advertised as but generally those brands are a bit pricier. Every now and then there is a genuine deal or sale on some products so if you can wait thats a good time. Otherwise I reckon Bulk nutrients and Aminoz are good australian stores i like to deal with.

  • +4

    Impact Whey Protein - current price (5kg) is $249.99.
    Discount brings it down to circa $125 (free shipping)

    Checked my emails - I purchased the same product May last year for $136.99 which also had a code (Impact Week, 45%) to bring it down to $82.33 (incl. shipping).

    Not a deal unless I am seriously misled about the cost increase of protein powder in the past 12 months.

    • Some flavours have different prices, and sometimes a flavour will go on clearance. Is it possible you bought one of the super cheap versions last year? 5KG for $82 is absolutely a deal regardless

    • Yeah their 5kg bags were around $80 on a good sale back in the day.

      Those times may have masses though.

    • It was a much better deal couple of weeks ago as they had 45% off along with 15% cashback and it worked on Whey protein flavours which was already 50% off. I ended up getting 10 kg of Choc mint flavour for $106 ish after cashback

    • I looked back to an order from November 2019 and was paying $27/kg half price WPI. Now $32.50/kg I see that as being on par with global price increases due to shortages.

      • Are you sure you are looking at the same product?

    • Yup, myprotein have been increasing their prices massively since creating the .au store.

      • What are the cheaper options these days? I'd love to stock up when a sale like this hits

        • -1

          Search pure product protein on Amazon. ~$20-30/kg of WPC/WPI - standard year round with sales sometimes

          • @OZcheepsk8: This one comes to $22.50/kg for the WPC, doesn't seem too far off those Amazon deals

          • +1

            @OZcheepsk8: pure product protein is known for inflating protein content and proved in lab tests. So be careful promoting them

        • +1

          Theres quite a few options out there but also I have too much protein powders as it is as i keep trying different flavours and brands etc. I have about 200 or more Kgs of protein in the house :( . But basically i would recommend looking for genuine sales and special discounts and buy them then. Myprotein sales are dime a dozen so make sure after the sale price you are actually getting a good deal.

          • @lonewolf: 200kg of protein sounds like a lot! Do you get through them before they become beyond their expiry dates (and do you find that matters much)?

            • +1

              @Simovixet: No way i get through them before expiry, I have a problem. A bit of a hoarder and every time i come across a good deal on a new flavour or brand or model, I am interested to try it out. If they are pure protein powders, then expiries arent a big issue, if they have carbs or fats added then it can be. And flavouring over time can go downhill as well.

  • Having looked at the prices of Venom and Bulk Nutrients, their 5KG WPC is about $32 and the Myptotein ones seem to be around $22.50. Has anyone found any flavours which are on sale?

    • +1

      No Sale at MP at the moment.

      • Thanks for checking! I'll fill up on the next drop

        • Worth going via cashback sites and their coupon.

  • If you want 100% natural, no added sugar or sweeters I can highly recommend the Pea Protein powder.

    • Do you supplement Methionine?

      • Nope, why do you ask?

        • +1

          Pea protein lacks methionine (essential amino acid)

          • @Herb Utsmellz: I eat meat on a frequently so i got that covered.

            I only take protein post workout to help with recovery.

        • Also, only the unflavoured pea protein doesn't contain any sweeteners. Same as the unflavoured whey protein isolate.

          • +1

            @Herb Utsmellz: True, i like unflavoured pea protein because its 100% natural, not heavily processed like whey, easy to digest and easy its very basic food that our bodies can manage.

  • -3

    Search pure product protein on Amazon. ~$20-30/kg of WPC/WPI - standard price, sometimes you find them on sale

  • +1

    Have a look at “professional whey” on Google. Quality products with no filler and very good prices. You can even select pasture fed protein. Best product around

    • +1

      $64/kg for wpi. Bit on the higher side.

  • Use discount code "Maxe" to get another 5% off (45% total).

  • Pretty fast. Order arrived today. Cashrewards tracked and received 3 "free" gifts

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