[PS5, XSX, PS4, XB1] Call of Duty Vanguard $39 / $29 + $9 Delivery ($0 OnePass/ C&C / in-Store) @ Target


Cheapest it has ever been. PS4 version does not include free PS5 upgrade.

PS5 version

Tip: Price match with JB HIFI and take further $10 off if you still have perks voucher or take further 10% off with code 92FRENZY

Edit: Amazon AU has now price matched, so PS5 and XBX version can be delivered for free.

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Target Australia
Target Australia


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    Considering the new MW2 is releasing in October I reckon this could drop lower over the coming months. Either way it is a good price!

    • Obviously lol. That's pretty much how it works for any new release game.

      • Hasn't been the case for Black Ops Cold War which I found interesting! Only this year it has been in the clearance bin.

    • Am I safe to say that other games not related to COD will drop too before October?

      • PS5 physical games tend to drop fairly quickly after release as there isn't a strong purchasing power in Australia to maintain continuous sales revenue.

        So once the early buyers paying full price at launch tail off, they reduce prices. First party games are a bit of an exception unfortunately.

  • Not the best COD game ever but the highest overall selling game of 2021 apparently.

    MW2 was announced yesterday for release October 28th by the way.

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    Grabbed one, thanks OP

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    Nice, thanks OP.

    Also available on XBX and XB1.

    • I noticed that but do they both work on series x? The packaging makes me think so but one version is $10 more?

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        Yeah I believe they do. It's just that XB1 version won't have the dynamic 120fps that the native XSX version of the game has. It'll run 4k @ 60fps with the XB1 version.

        • Gotcha, thank you

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      thanks, just updated the OP.

  • Silly question perhaps but how do you get jb online to price match so you can use 92frenzy code?

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      just go to their website, click on question mark at the bottom right and type in live chat, start a live chat and share the link to the item you want to price match and ask them. They will give you a direct link to the cart then you can use your voucher.

      • Thank you

      • That's what I did, but they said below cost

        • Just worked for be on the xbox series x version

        • try different people or call, this morning I tried to price match uncharted ps5 from Big W with JB and the guy on there said he saw a different price on the link that i sent him…. I dont know what planet he opened the big w link on but he didnt see the discount. I reconnected to a new person and got price matched right away.

      • the SMS link, I put in the 92frenzy code the price auto adjusted to 10% more, so after code price is back to $29.

        • Xsx version came to $35.10 for me with the 10%off at JB

          • +1

            @Jameslane: I think JB monitored the link when I tried to check out as soon as I got the SMS.

            Twice when I added 92frenzy, the price suddenly gone up.

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    Amazon has price matched.

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