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[PS4] Killzone: Shadow Fall $9 (New) or $4 (Used) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ EB Games


Was snooping around to see if any other titles are on special and noticed EB was the only one with Killzone: Shadow Fall.

NEW: https://www.ebgames.com.au/product/ps4/161489-killzone-shado...
USED: https://www.ebgames.com.au/product/ps4/161490-killzone-shado...

I personally haven't played this game but thought someone might be up to try it. I am very tempted at $4 preowned!

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  • +1

    Honestly I wouldn't even buy it at $4, it's so old and wasn't even a top shooter when it was released.

    • Ah okay thanks for the feedback. It seems to have a lot of DLC so figured it might have been okay!

    • +1

      in contrary, it was at the bottom of the shooters chain when it was released. There's a reason why it's $4 pre-owned lol.

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    This was a PS4 launch game, which is almost 10 years old. There are better things to spend your $9 on.

    No hate OP, just informing the masses.

    • No I don't mind at all. I appreciate the feedback. Saves me some $$$ also!

    • +3

      Also the last time PS has had an exclusive shooter, don't know why they've neglected that market so much, seems to be the one area where they really fall behind

  • +4

    I bought it for $4. Loved playing Killzone so thought why not.

  • +4

    I actually liked this game when I played back around the PS4 launch. Personally never understood the hate that this game received and I still think the visuals hold up (frame rate is much better now too when played on PS5 via back-compat). One of the rare fps games that I actually finished. I particularly enjoyed the traversal mechanic with the zipline. Definitely worth the $4 IMO

  • +3

    For $4 I’ll give it a go. Digital Foundry still rates the graphics frequently in their videos so keen to just have a look

  • +3

    Not as good as the PS3 titles but still a fun shooter, for $4 or even $9 it's worth a shot if you enjoyed the other ones.

  • +3

    Really enjoyed this game when it was released.

  • +3

    Solid title with enjoyable campaign. Good use to "flying bot friend" to mark enemies, explore areas etc. If you liked any of the Killzone titles or war campaigns in general it's worth your six (eight?) hours.

    Online was fun while it was alive but even a few years back it was 95% bots to make up playerbase shortfalls.

  • As someone who bought it for 65 with his launch day PS4,

    Eh. Wouldn't race out. You'd do better to throw the $9 at any of the PS Hits titles at JB. Hell, wasn't Killzone rereleased as a PS Hit? Might be able to find it somewhere there too and buy it with the JB voucher.

    • +1

      Nah JB don't have it. I searched for it with no luck! Hence why I stated in my post noticed EB was the only one with Killzone: Shadow Fall

      • +2

        Shoot. Fair enough. I was in JB before and they had a preowned copy for $4 so I thought they might still have a few news around.

        Killzone and LBP3 were weird. They both weren't the most loved, they both dropped in price hella quick, then a couple years down the line they were both added to the PS Hits pile…only to be the only ones you never see in stock anywhere…ever. It's so odd.

  • +1

    Going back to play this would be horrible. It doesn't hold up well. Would avoid.

  • +3

    Killzone 1, 2 and 3 on PS3 were better than Shadow Fall on the PS4.

    • I still remember the hype around the Killzone 2 trailer and nobody believing the final game will look anything like it


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