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½ Price Darrell Lea Bullets, Twists, Balls, Liquorice varieties 140-280g $2.45 @ Coles

  • Liquorice Twists 280g
  • Raspberry Twists 280g
  • Batch 37 Fresh Liquorice 260g
  • Milk Chocolate Liquorice Bullets 250g
  • Milk Chocolate Raspberry Bullets 250g
  • Dark Chocolate Liquorice Bullets250g
  • Dark Chocolate Liquorice Twists 200g
  • White Chocolate Raspberry Bullets 200g
  • Milk Chocolate Raspberry Twists 200g
  • Milk Chocolate Liquorice Twists 200g
  • Milk Chocolate Orange Crunchy Balls 185g
  • Milk Chocolate Minty Crunchy Balls 185g
  • Milk Chocolate Life Savers Blackcurrant Pastilles Bites 160g
  • Milk Chocolate Chewy Raspberry Balls 160g
  • White Choc Chewy Raspberry Balls 140g

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  • Good timing bullets for next outing with my pocket shot

  • +2

    Reported to mods. No guns/ammunition deals

    • Guns don’t kill people — diabetes kills people

      • Nah diabetes can be treated

  • Wish they'd bring back the green apple licorice. The red stuff is good but not the same.

    Black stuff can go in the (profanity) bin though

    • Extensive market research and customer feedback revealed that kids think green candy is vegetables in disguise

      • +1

        "Am I out of touch? No, it's the children who are wrong"

  • Lifesaver ones!!

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