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[NSW] 50% off All Lobsters + Delivery (Min. Order $50) @ GetFish (Sydney Only)

  • $50 minimum order
  • $9.90 delivery fee or free with $150 purchase

Wicked Wednesday Deal: 50% Off All Lobsters!!


Promo valid until Friday only!

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  • Country of origin the lobsters?

    • The Western Rock Lobsters are listed as W.A.
      The Eastern Rock Lobsters are listed as N.S.W
      The Southern Rock Lobsters it doesn't say…

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        Southern Rock? Probably from ZZ Top

    • So if lobsters were born within Australia’s EEZ, they would be Australian?

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  • Are these better than coles/woolies ones?

    • I rather buy from GetFish than a coles, as coles tends to be selfish with their lobsters…

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        selfish, or shellfish?

        • Dam! I thought my pun was obvious.

    • Colesworths ones are frozen and thawed, it appears these ones may not be frozen..

      • So just chucked in a box for delivery?
        Hope there's no delays.

        • In their FAQ it mentions:
          We’ll pack your delivery with ice to maintain optimum freshness
          you are free to keep the cooler bags and packaging that your order arrives in!
          Our cooler bags are reusable, so you can make the most out them. We’ve also chosen to use environmentally-friendly packaging instead of styrofoam to do our bit for the environment. However, if you’d like to return your bags, you’re free to do that as well.

          Plus they're delivered in a refrigerated truck and order must be signed for…

  • are these better than normal price?

  • Woot! Lobster for dinner tomorrow. Thanks, @Archi!

    This is restaurant supply, its pretty good.

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      yeah i bought the live ones, lets see whether they turn up still alive

      • Lobster-Wars ! , a fight to the death on the kitchen bench?

        They're pretty hardy animals, it seems they're packed in ice so there's a good chance they'll be quite sluggish when you get them, if you let them warm up a bit they'll probably get more lively…

        • yeah, i'll be warming them up on the charcoal BBQ that's for sure

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