Best Compressed Air for PC Cleaning?

Just wondering if anyone has recommendations on the best-compressed air to use for PC components, as I've never had any luck with air cans before.

Half tempted to go with an electric solution but am curious to see what others have found works best. Cheers, guys


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    Never had an issue with a can of compressed air but the OPOLAR air guns seem popular.

    There's tons on Amazon and other outlets of the same product with different brands.

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    I bought a data vac from metro vac.

    Have to be careful with compressed air cans to keep them level otherwise you might spray water on the computer

    • Would you generally recommend a vac over a blower?

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        the name is misleading, the data vac is a blower, the data vac pro is a vacuum and a blower.

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    Imagine paying for air

    Yeah I've never had luck with the compressed air cans either, seems like they're always pretty much empty after two or three squeezes.

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    Home-grown, free range, organic air is always the healthiest and cheapest. I always get mine fresh from the compressor, however if you need to store it a recycled fire extinguisher works great.

    Don't pay retail and support Big Air!

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      Second that.
      Quite often on special for $99 from PLE

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    I got a no-name electric blower from an OzB deal last year, and I would 100% recommend it over canned air. It takes a few seconds to start up and the air stream isn't quite as focused as canned air, but it's still more than strong enough to blow dust and debris out of computers/keyboards/etc.

    You'll tend to make more frequent use too since your supply of air is practically unlimited as long as it's charged. I remember being super scrooge with air cans (because they're 15 freakin dollars each!), only to forget about them and have them lose pressure over time anyway. 😢

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    A lot more expensive and can be hard to find in Australia, but I use a DataVac for cleaning all my PC hardware and its handy for things like vacuum filters too, its an electronic duster i bought off amazon a while back. Highly recommend if its within budget.

    edit - Just had a quick look and realised PCCG stock it with free shipping -

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    I have a little air compressor

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