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[PC, Steam] FIFA 22 - $14.39 (86% off) @ Steam


Historic low for the Standard Edition.
Also available @ Origin - $14.99 https://www.origin.com/aus/en-us/store/fifa/fifa-22

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    For those with PlayStations, reminder that FIFA 22 is currently free for PS Plus members (until 7/6).

  • Isn’t the fifa series about to become free to play?

    • Will FIFA 23 be Free to Play? As mentioned before, leaker Donk Trading has revealed that FIFA 23 will be free to play for everyone! This would be a huge change for the gaming community and we will keep you posted once official confirmation is released.


  • When will it come on game pass?

  • This would be the last FIFA, after three decades.
    23 and onwards will be called EA Sports FC.

    • It's about time. EA's scripting to entice the buying of FIFA coins ruined the game. Consequently FIFA coins were banned in a number of countries and FIFA with its mantra of fair play was left no choice. 2K and Konami I think will both get right simultaneously to ensure competition and improvements. Can't wait.

      Edit: I have been playing it since the very first FIFA and stopped two years ago.

      • Is "scripting" some jargon related to in-app purchases? What countries banned the coins?

        • No scripting is when the game allows the opposition to catch up or allows one team to overpower another that's not based on skill. EA denies it but many people have shown it exists. I used to play it a lot and often when I or someone else was 4-5 goals ahead and dominating you ended up losing or finishing with a draw. My record in one game was hitting the goal posts 8 times.

          Holland and few others had banned the coins. Others were considering it.


  • was it Fifa that had some rule about you can only install once?

  • with Argentinan steam account you can get it for $5.95 :)

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    Also $14.99 direct from Origin. I use Steam Link a lot so might stick with the Steam version in this instance.

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