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[JB Perks] Hisense HRWC46 46 Bottle Wine Cellar $549 (1/2 Price) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Store your wine collection with confidence with the Dual zone 46-bottle HRWC46. Wine cellars and secondary refrigerators are fast becoming a staple in Australian homes, reliably, efficiently and stylishly storing beverages. Enjoying perfectly chilled wine is top of mind for many and the Hisense 46 Bottle Wine Cellar helps achieve this with variable temperature levels and ample storage space, making it perfect for wine-lovers and entertainers alike.

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    "922DFWT1CYEECY" in case someone needs it

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    DM for code

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        You were saying what now pretty boy

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    Thanks Sukhjinder Pal 👍

    You're a real pal ✌️

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    92LXX51DQ6HUBO - I'm not going to use mine.

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    There you go: 92VNKUAMBJK43C

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    How does it sell

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      Via a store

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      Sellar sells it…

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    Zero use, don't drink wine.

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  • Got coupon code as well, feel free to use it since I hate drinking alcohol anyway 925GSBJMVQBGW0

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    “Wine cellars and secondary refrigerators are fast becoming a staple in Australian homes”

    Really? I’ve certainly seen some show off houses with them (and the beer fridge in the garage is obviously a staple), but do many people have wine cellars and wine fridges and I’m out of touch

    Or is this marketing for ‘go ahead, everyone else is doing it, you won’t look like a pretentious [email protected]

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      tell me you know nothing abt wine without telling me..

      • About the same for anyone who only owns 50 bottles of wines 🤣

      • tell me you are a wine (profanity) without telling me

        Seriously, how many people have 46 bottles of wine in their house that are good enough/valuable enough to need a wine fridge? If you do you do, but its not 'a staple in Australian homes'. Its for the tiny minority

    • Depends where you are looking at real estate …

    • I’ve had 3 Vintec wine fridges and each time they’ve barely lasted 24 months, only to be told by Electrolux on each occasion they can’t be fixed and that they’ll offer a credit towards a new one - after I’ve paid a call out fee. Never again for a wine fridge. It’s simply not worth it. I’ll take a cellar but won’t bother cooling it with this crap.

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    Does this store cask well or are the boxes hard to fit in?

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    PM for code.

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  • 923ZSPWYEB00T8


  • 92J1REL87TM4HD

  • dm me for code first in first serve :)

    Edit: Gone

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    Struggling to find energy consumption stats on this one, there was a page saying .58 kw/h in operation but how often is it in operation …

    It looks like a really nice and good looking unit for the price, but it also feels somewhat environmentally not so good to have a fridge just for wine.

    Torn !

  • Hello, anyone got a code please?
    Thanks in advance

  • Might as well buy a mini bar fridge and have two of these for same price

    • +3

      Yes and no. You would need to mod the thermostat on the mini bar fridge.

      Cooling beverage is much lower temperatures than storing wine. Storing wine is approx 10c vs cooling beverage at 3c

  • I have no need for one of these, DM for code

    • actually nvm i'm just going to post it here - i can't afford to check ozb frequently today :(


  • 92UVCPMJ6H82JN

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    Finally, something to adequetly store my Chateau D'cardboard

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  • Feel free to use - 9276F5CAK4CX3L

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      Thanks for this - i have used this code.

      Been considering a wine fridge for a while. The deal & impulse buy got me over the line :)

      • Glad it was used, and thanks for the reply so others don't waste time trying a code that's spent :-) Enjoy your wine!

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  • 92SH3LL0IL8008IE5 😉

  • Finally a reason to go back on the bottle.


  • 92XXEEX445MT86

  • 92Y8L485S7JBVN

  • DM for code!

  • Good for storing pineapple

  • I have a code that I won't be using. DM me. First in best dressed. (CLAIMED)

  • 92BPL20ELCBF70

  • 92XFL888ROPVG3

    Here's my code

  • 9212I5L3E7SA6K

  • Have a 150 bottle vintec with a cooked compressor
    Still powers on but doesn't cool.

    Works wonders for storing/cellaring/looking pretentious as fark

    • Yeah, I always hear about the motors giving up.

      Just seems like an expensive storage cabinet lol

      • *Expensive & pretentious storage cabinet.

    • Our vintec went bellyup with the exact same problem. A known fault, but of course they only fail when sufficiently out of warranty. Unfinancial to repair too.

      Replaced it with a Hisense. I monitor the temperature and humidity via a sensor to Home Assistant, and it has been stable for about three years so far.

      • Yeah contemplated getting the compressor fixed but for the outlay and the risk it'll blow a couple of years later it wasn't worth it. i hear though that Vintec have since been bought out by another company and they've finally started to address the issues after a decade or so.

        I'm just happy to have a semi-controlled environment personally.

      • Exact same crap from Vintec here. 3 dead fridges. Never again. They make complete garbage.

      • My Hisense wine fridge has been going strong for years (as in close to 10).

        Solid unit, but I've outgrown it.

        People may say wine fridges are wank, but I only store my premium bottles in it, and it does have a little bit of that cool factor for visitors.

  • 92GMX82WUQ6SXF 👍

  • 923O3UBJJDAF7U

  • Enjoy here's my code


  • 92UWGJOHNVS250 here's mine :)

  • 92LHQ4HW6PIQL3

  • Hold up.. I am part of perks, why did I not get a code?

  • Can someone please pm or reply to this comment with their code? God blss

    • Here ya go fam !!


      • Appreciate it!!


  • thanks for this


  • Spare code for anyone who wants it: 92EV45VX1EXKGF

  • 92Y3PU62UCHKBG

  • Pm if anyone needs some codes, I have a few.

  • Would say these are cheaper on gumtree/marketplace, but given the pretty piss poor reliability of other wine fridges i wouldn't want to run the gauntlet without a warranty. Admittedly Hisense is probably one of the better brands.

  • 92LUGKM2P1I6P6


  • 92D4OHU2826YG8

  • 92XQLZTNHBF3H6 if anyone needs the code

  • 92VYEGL8JGLEE1 another code.

  • +1

    Alot codes being offered.

    What's the general consensus on the quality vs price of this fridge?

    I can understand, maybe they're offering the codes as they won't be buying, have no need for a wine fridge, but I could actually be interested.

    Anyone have any real world advice and what do we think of the price?

  • Would be muy apreciado of a code! thanks

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      Posted 1 below. 👍

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      Why thank you!

  • Anymore coupon codes available?

  • Looking for a code if anyone has any left

  • Only place in stock in Perth metro is Bunbury.

    • Get it delivered for $55.

      • Tried that. Doesn't include my post code unfortunately, so listed code below for someone to use

        • It took me a couple of goes but works for me in Perth. Delivery tomorrow

  • any more codes left?

  • 927QDKFCPOA08S

    Only one store in WA has this fridge. And delivery is not an option

  • 92PYO571OKE18I

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