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Australian made underwear starting from $11.48.

We're being sneaky… 50% OFF EVERYTHING @ aussieBum

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Ya gotta love a Sneaky 50% OFF Sale!

COTTONSOFT from $11.98
ENLARGEIT from $12.48

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    We're being sneaky… 50% OFF EVERYTHING @ aussieBum

    Oh the cheek of them!!

    • +4

      I need a new bum…

      …my current one has a huge crack in it

      • +2

        User avatar checks out?
        Sauron's been mooning us all this time?

        • +3

          I will never see his avatar the same again.

  • +1

    Thanks OP !

  • +1

    50% of aussiebum

    didn't realise i was half price…

    • +1

      I didn’t know you provided that kind of service !!

      • +1

        100% off for you of course 😜

  • +1

    2009 called. Someone finish my punchline…

    • What does that mean?

      • +1

        Just don't see people wearing these much anymore. Seems like they've had their day. They were huge for a while. Like their models appendages.

    • I used to buy and wear these. I love the idea of Aussie made and good quality, but the constant enlargement obsession, and the models and imagery they use totally turns me off. Look at the guy there laying down with the camera centred on his genitals. The website is full of this, they all have socks jammed in there too, or they have some minimum size requirements of their models. These are undies, they aren’t a showpiece, well maybe they are for some but not me, I need comfy and good wearing practical undies and I’m sure 95% of guys here would be the same. My body ain’t anything like those models. In a way this is a parallel with women’s fashion using perfect bodied models. It needs to get real.

      I’m kind of over Bonds undies though, they are getting holes way faster than they used to and are so thin you can see through them.

      • They're Chinese made now like everything else. Most items anyway.

        • Most underwear is made in Australia.. I’m not sure why you’d say that.

          • @Savas: Just checked a few underwear. One said made in Australia. They rest said "Designed and developed in Australia".

            All the clothing and Accesories are Chinese.

      • The Aussiebum CottonSoft underwear are normal.

        • +1

          Thanks, yeah I took a look and ended up buying a few. Will try them out.

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