Woolworths or Wish Gift Cards

I often see deals of 3-5% off woolies gift cards but I don't know what is going right now. Not much from searching on Ozb. Already have 10% off the shop from being a mobile customer. But I don't think gifts cards are included. Looking to bulk buy some gift cards to meet the spend for bonus Qantas points on a card offer.

I used to get discounted gift cards as part of my professional associations but seems like they've discontinued that offer. Booo

Are there any offers on right now, or any offers that are fairly regular and I should look out for


  • Refer to the Wish or Woolworths gift cards section on the Discounted eGift Cards page.

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    As a Woolworths Mobile customer you can get the gift cards at 3-5% discount via the Woolworths Mobile app, under "offers" tab from memory. The Woolies ones stack with the monthly 10% discount

    3% off Wish
    4% off Woolworths
    5% off Big W, BWS and Dan Murphy's

  • check your auto club

  • If they have the same discount, get wish as you can use it in more shops

  • I have access via multiple platforms, and it seems Wish Cards (most versatile) are capped at 3%.

    I try to get the Woolworths Essentials card (includes petrol, no alcohol) at 4% nowadays .

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      FWIW, the "Fuel" e-Gift Cards that I get through NIB Rewards (we have NIB Ambulance-only cover) are actually Wish e-Gift Cards. They offer a 5% discount (but 1% CC fee, as noted in the wiki).

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