Grisbi Chocolate Cookies; Anyone Ever Seen These Sold?

These are the best of the best but I can't find them anywhere??? I found it once in a farmer's shop in Mildura, VIC but never again…

Coles and woolies only seem to import the pastry roll ones.

Grisbi Chocolate Cookies

edit: I emailed the company about distributors in Australia and they said they have brought this product 18 months ago, they ask where I usually shop and said that they can work to bring the Grisbi range to IGA and Foodworks. Worth emailing them if you're a fan and see what they can do.


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    What is this farmer's shop you speak of?

    • Uncle Monkey's Fruit Market, if I'm not imagining things I'm pretty sure that was the only place I found it. Haven't found it anywhere else since…my life feels meaningless now..

      • (03) 5022 0823

        See if they deliver

      • You can buy the classic version on Amazon Australia. Perhaps this will give you some meaning to your life till you find the real deal.

        • is that the price of one box lmao?

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            @PuntyBrah: Are you having trouble reading the title?

            • @websterp: saw the Q&A in the one in my OP and seller said it's one box and amazon autofills to "Pack of 12" sometimes. Regardless, those classic ones were discontinued since 2013 and they have shelf life of 12 months, so yh.

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    I've seen other biscuits from that brand but not those cookies.

    Suggest emailing the company and requesting contact details of their distributor in Aus.

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      i did and they just got back they will be working to bring it to IGAs or foodwork :)

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        Good stuff!

        Next time you're instore at your local IGA, check with the manager to request that they order it in for you. Unsure whether FoodWorks operates the same way as IGA but no harm in also checking to see whether they can also stock it so you never go without ever again ;)

        • had no idea you could do something like this :O

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            @PuntyBrah: They're independent stores (IGA) so not every store stocks the same items. At my local, the manager is quite good in that they will order the item in for you if it's available to them and they know there is demand and it will sell.

            • @kajke: that's really cool, yh I haven't heard of the term independent stores until the manager at Matilde Vicenzi who's been email me ask which independent store I would shop at and listed IGA, foodworks and Supar as examples.

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    $4.99 a packet, delivery to Sydney suburbs for 4 packets is just under $11.
    I’m obsessed with the lemon ones, myself!

    • I badly wanted to order but can you trust their payment gateway even if I'm willing to look beyond the horrible checkout?

    • $15 delivery to Gold Coast, Oof… might need to pull the trigger at some point tho!

      Had these since it was still the classic version from 2004.. never found any substitute for it, I just really love the texture and the right amount of sweetness from the fillings.

  • Anyone Ever Seen These Sold?

    No, never seen it gone through at the checkout.

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    They are amazing. I bought in bulk once at an Italian food wholesale in Sydney. I think it was Torino - but might have been somewhere else. You could try your luck there

  • What's the attraction for these? Are there other more accessible biscuits that are similar, for those of us who haven't tried them so we can get an idea of what we're missing out on?

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      I'm crap with describing things in details but I'll just tell you that the chocolate filling actually tastes great with the right sweetness level, it tastes like quality chocolate rather than most brands where you don't look forward for the center. Then there's the cookie/biscuit part, I love the texture and the balance between crunch and softness, think commercial style cookie that breaks teeth vs homemade cookie. The cookie tastes great on it's own without being bland and combined with the filling, you have a pleasant experience.

      Plus if for some reason you don't finish the whole pack in one sitting then it becomes softer which is actually still great to have.

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    I was truly intrigued by all the comments here about how amazing these cookies are so I decided to track down these illusive double choc cookies somehow here in Melbourne. I really didn't want to have it shipped from Sydney and finally my sleuthing work paid off. If you are a true Grisbi connoisseur and live around Melbourne N/NW suburbs then LaManna Supermarket in Essendon Fields have both the double choc and double lemon in stock. I got 4 packs and there was more left on the shelf as of 6:30pm yesterday.

    • ahh yes the perks of living in a big city (I'm in Gold Coast), I figured the best places would be those local shops with euro imports. Do share you thoughts on these illusive cookies.

      • Lol. I meant elusive.

        • lol that kinda shattered my confidence in my english skills…

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            @PuntyBrah: Won't be illusive any longer as I finally found them :)

  • Did you went back to the farmers shop ? I've seen other biscuits from that brand but not those cookies.

    • I was only doing jobs there for a few months, would never go back tho lol hated it there.

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