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[Factory Seconds] Outlet 375GSM Australian Wool Doona Quilt Queen $69.95 ($55.92 with eBay Plus) Delivered @ Dhimanvinod eBay


Limited Stock!
Cover: 100% cotton
Fill: 100% Australian wool
Ideal for year round use
Gsm: 375gsm
Made in Australia
Size Information: Queen 210 x 210cm
Dry clean only.

Also just listed 400GSM Australian Made Wool Quilts, please find below link

Limited stock of Brand new Bambi 500GSM Australian Washable wool Quilts in Super King, Double & Single size at 50% plus additional 20% off for eBay Plus member
Please find below link

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    Dry clean only.

    I'm gonna pass

    • Something like this I usually wait until the heat of summer and hand wash in the bath. Never had an issue with doing that. You probably want to use a wool mix.

  • Quilt Seconds???

    • Quilts got slight imperfections during manufacturing process such as missed stitch, twisted binding & can’t be sold as brand new in departmental stores as they didn’t pass quality assurance cause of above faults & cleared as factory seconds.

    • +3

      That's not what it means.

    • +2

      We guarantee quilts are brand new unused & have slight imperfections as stated above.
      Thank you

  • What's the material difference between a washable wool doona and a drycleanable one?

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      It is same material Australian Wool, The washable wool is treated so that the fibres do not shrink after wash.

      Thank You

      • Cheers

  • What's the difference between the two you listed? Is it just the thickness of wool?

    • Hi one 400GSM one are unbranded but made in Australia by Tontine & 375GSM belong to one of the biggest brand.I would strongly recommend 375GSM ones.
      Thank You

  • whats the bargain part ? is this cheap ?

  • Hi rep, do you have a single size all season wool doona that is machine washable? I need to purchase 2.
    I purchased the queen size with your previous $55 deal and very happy with it.

    • +1

      Hi, We got some coming in by next Friday! Once we have them will update the stock!
      Thank You

  • If anyone here is washing a doona in a washing machine at home, you're killing your washing machine.

    Fill a bathtub up with water, put the doona in and try lifting it. A queen size doona would be 35KG-60KG wet. No washing machine supports this. Your only option is a laundry mat which will have had pet items through the machines.

    You're better off dry clean only doona and paying them to clean it once every 6 months.

  • how does this compare to the quilt offerings from sheridan? comparable quality for half the price?

    • Hi,
      You would be very happy once you see brand name on them. Contact us on ebay for more information.
      Thank you

  • Any king size (or larger? )

  • Any good deals on underlays? Why are they 3 or 4 times more exxy than a doona?

    • Sorry no, Thank You

  • quick question, a while ago a bought a 100% wool quilt with cotton cover, and it lets out white wool fibers everywhere. would this quilt do the same? if no, how?

    • Hi,
      These quilts high thread count cotton cover & wool doesn't escape, wool will escape if cotton casing of low thread count/not good quality.
      Thank you

  • Limited stock of Brand new Bambi 500GSM Australian Washable wool Quilts in Super King, Double & Single size at 50% plus additional 20% off for eBay Plus members
    Please find below link

  • Hi, what is the difference between Outlet Factory Second and Tontine Factory Second in 500gsm? (different prices)

    • Hi,
      Outlet ones belong to a big brand, that's why highly priced.
      Thank you

  • Received mine today. Had an orange sticker and black sticker in random spots on the side (assume this is where imperfections were marked by staff) and a cut in half tag.

    Other than that it all looked as new.

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