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[Klarna] Masterpro Pizza Oven $76 + Shipping @ MyDeal


List price is $89 and you'll need to pay via klarna, see main deal thread

$10 off $50 spend via MyDeal app (first order purchase via the app, brings it to $67 with Klarna + shipping)


Have one and have only used it once so far but worth every cent.

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    there's also a $10 off code for first orders (possibly a min spend though)


  • I have used a similar Breville with good results but check out this method it has changed my game https://youtu.be/0ygnAFh9DU8 not in English but it's easy to understand the method. For any doubt ask me

    • I do a basic 3 day cold rise for the dough, but the video looks interesting. I think they could've avoided the dough bubbling by going over it with a pastry docker or a fork before putting on any ingredients/sauce.

      • Yeah it's more how he cooks it in a hot pan on the stove for 2 minutes then under a hot grill in the oven for 2 or 3 minutes longer, it gives that pizzeria flavour with the edge slightly charred. I found it's even better if you place the oven shelf closer than possible to the grill with a pizza stone on it getting hot while you do the stove bit, then slide the pizza from the pan to the stone

    • Hey, would love to get your help on understanding the method and also the recipe used for the pizza base in that vid.
      Watched it start to finish but can't for the life of me understand it. It looked amazing at the finish there. Very keen to try making it myself.

      • It's quite easy, I'll skip the whole dough preparation part to focus on the pizza cooking. Move the oven shelf closer to the grill than possible and lay a pizza stone on it if you have it. Turn the oven on so to warm up the stone. After this place a non stick frying pan on the stove until hot, if you don't have a thermometer pour a tablespoon of water in the hot pan, when water is evaporated it's ready. Take the dough and do your pizza shape, place it in the pan fire on, add tomato and a bit of olive oil. After 1 minute check the pizza bottom and see if you like the colour, if not add one more minute. During this phase switch the oven to just grill, after the one or two minutes in the pan pass the pizza to the stone under the grill. No cheese at this stage. Don't leave pizza unattended you need to stay in front of the oven and check it does not burn. After one minute check if one side of the edge looks good, rotate the pizza and add cheese. Wait another minute and check again you want it to stay until you have the right colour on the "cornicione" and the cheese is melted and not burned. Every oven and grill is different so it's up to you to adjust timing. It's important that the grill element stays on all the time so if you see the light goes off raise the temperature to turn it on. Enjoy your Napoli style pizza. If something is not clear let me know

        • Sounds great! I will try this, for sure. Have you got a link to a video showing how to make a well made base?
          Thanks for all your help!

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            @CustardShot: I use the recipe from the 400° restaurants, I have tried many but this is the one that never failed https://youtu.be/pR7UkupCm9c

            • @Laziofogna: The most impressive thing is the genuine expression on his face at the end like his eating the best pizza he's ever had (for the 5000th time).

              That looks like pizza perfection to me. Not easy to find canned San Marzanos though.

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    I have one of these ovens and can produce a fairly impressive (in my opinion!) pizza. These are currently at Coles as a special buy for $89 so if you wait a week or 2, should be able to pick up for $60 or less. Paid $29 for mine last time about a month

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      If anyone wants pics of my last efforts with it. Last pizza was a bit of a test with some non-standard types of cheese to see what happens.


      • How long do you keep them in and at what stage you add the cheese?

      • looks good… dammit now I want pizza

    • Agree, they cook pizzas to perfection. Base is cooked perfect as is everything else.

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