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REMOKING Take Apart Toy for Kids $18.19 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ WinWinToys Amazon AU


REMOKING Take Apart Toy for Kids $18.19 @Amazon AU
Code: OZ7WCWM4

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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      Posted 1hr 45 mins ago, OP last seen 1hr 44 mins ago… Why am I not surprised.

      This is just advertising, how can anyone call this a 'bargain'

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    Kids pull apart and break all their toys already!

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    Why is this crap even allowed on here? This is spam for the sake of spam. This isn’t a deal, it’s just more plastic landfill. It will get taken apart one time by the kid and a part will go missing and the rest of it goes into the trash to become landfill.

    Negging because there has to be better options out there made of more sustainable materials and that are actually educational and I am 100% sure these or very similar kits are available Aliexpress for less.

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    This doesn't appear to be a bargain once you add $5.99 delivery (Total $24.18). It's more like normal price & just using Ozbargain for free advertising.
    This looks like the same item for $24.99 del.

    The rep originally posted without any mention of delivery to make it look cheaper, as you can see in the revisions the title was -

    REMOKING Take Apart Toy for Kids $18.19 @Amazon AU

    Also similar item on Aliexpress for slightly more - US$13.69 + US$2.69 del + GST (~A$25.11)

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    No clear deal listed as per above and obvious spam/ozadvertising post highlighted by zero rep interaction and zero effort post write up.

    Fwiw I have one of the other remoking car kits that I got for my 2 year old since he has interest in hands on tools and can confirm these remoking car kits are very low quality. Screws don’t stay tight no matter how tight you do them and overall the kit feels cheap as hell. AVOID.

  • Price is 27.99. What a shame to miss out on that great deal… rolls eyes. Reviews are clearly dodgy mates.

  • Bargain? Please elaborate…. Or is it juat an advertisement?

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