Which nbn ISP to Churn to?

I'm planning to churn out of Origin Broadband this week but undecided on which ISP to churn to. I'm still in the cooling off period for discounted rates from ABB and Superloop so those two are out of the question. I'm leaning towards Exetel but slightly put off by the 30 days notice for churning out. Which one would you choose?

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  • Started off with Mate, had really good customer support but their network was heavily congested and consistently deadly slow speeds at peak evenings. Switched to ABB and full throughput all day every day. Same modem/router and package plan.

    So wouldn't pick them personally but YMMV which is why anecdotal responses are meaningless.

    How much are you saving by jumping through all this effort?

    • I'm currently paying $74/mo for 50/20 so ~$20/mo for 6 months. Also, I don't like not having an online account with Origin Broadband so I have to call them everytime I need to change something.

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        Hmm, a considerable saving then. Will look into it, thanks.

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    Exetel (now owned by Superloop and running on Superloop's network) are head and shoulders above the others in your poll in terms of general quality. And their current 6 months discount promo is hard to beat price-wise as well.
    The 30 days is only a downside if you can't be organised enough to notify them early.

    • Yeah, fair points. Cheers!

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    Just had a pretty bad experience with tangerine, around 5 months in and I was constantly getting 1-5mbps on 50plan for hours.

    • Thanks for the feedback!

  • I just signed up with Exetel. We'll see how it goes. Cheers for the input!

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