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Win $21000 Cash or $600 Daily Pizza Vouchers from Crust 21st Birthday Celebration



Closing Date 08/06/2022
Draw Date 09/06/2022
Multi-draw Yes


Description $21000 Cash, $600 Pizza Vouchers x 8
No. of Prizes 9
Total Prize Pool $25,800.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit Once per day
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites Survey/Questionnaire

To win the 21k cash prize make sure to answer all 8 questions correctly to be in the running to win big, correct spelling is essential. The winner will be announced at 12 pm AEST 9th of June.

We’ll be giving away 1 x Free Pizza Voucher valued at $600 daily but you must answer the questions (correctly) between 8 am – 11:59 pm AEST to be eligible.

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  • +33

    Day 1

    Q. Name 2 of our signature pizzas brought back for our 21st birthday celebrations.

    A. Answer with 2 of the following - Satay Chicken, Philly Steak, Peppered Pineapple or White Prosciutto

  • +28

    Day 2

    Q. What pizza-making technique has its very own professional-level sporting competition?

    A. This hint on Instagram would suggest that the answer is Dough Spinning

    • +11

      Thanks for sharing the answers, Phalaxis!

  • +22

    Which year was Crust Pizza founded in Australia
    A. 2001 (Same year as Destiny Child Survivor was released as per Instagram hint + it's their 21st birthday!)

    • +3

      Thanks mate! Forget to check this morning. Great thing the comping section is such a helpful community.

      • +5

        That's it mate, there'll be times we miss them but its a great community in that sense as someone else will have seen it and shared. Thank you as always for your efforts and good luck!

  • +3

    Thanks for sharing these answers, sometimes they are hard to find (for me anyway).

  • +33

    Thanks so much Phalaxis I was the Day 2 winner! Can’t believe it!

    • +2

      Oh wow! That's awesome!

    • +4

      Congrats! Hopefully there's more OzB winners to come especially for the big one!!

  • +4

    Thanks to Sparks84 as well!

  • +13

    Day 4

    Q. In what city was the modern Pizza born?

    A. Google says Naples but i would have said Rome based off the instagram hint

    • +10

      Thanks Phalaxis,
      Its Naples.
      Fontana del Gigante, Naples
      Nile God Statue, Naples

      • +2

        Thanks for confirming

  • +3

    I've updated the link as I've had issues trying to login with Facebook, and going into a redirect circle.

    • +2

      Thank you! That login process was confusing every day.

  • +18

    Day 5

    Q. Does Pineapple belong on Pizza?

    A. Yes instagram hint

    Really it's personal preference but in this case the answer is likely Yes. Crust sells a range of pizzas that have pineapple on them.

  • +20

    Question not live yet but Instagram hint is.

    Day 6

    Q. In which Australian State was Crust Pizza born?

    A. NSW

  • Does anyone else's Q6 still say "unlock" even though it also says "You have already submitted an answer." after you click it?

  • +23

    Day 7 - Instagram hint

    Q. What or who was the Margherita pizza named after?

    A. Queen of Italy, Margherita of Savoy

  • +22

    Day 8 - Intagram Hint

    Q. Where was the Hawaiian pizza invented?

    A. Google says the answer is - Chatham, Ontario, Canada

    That was the final question. Good luck for the major draw everyone!

  • +7

    Thanks Phalaxis for sharing all the answers. Good luck to you and all that entered.

  • +3

    Thanks everyone. Good luck!

  • +4

    Thanks for all the answer Phalaxis!

  • +1

    Winner announced on insta. Hope it was an ozbargainer.

  • I don't have Insta. T & C's say winners will be posted at .https://www.crust.com.au/21-win/ by 9/6 but can't find it. can someone post the link to winners or advise here?

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