Cheap Small Amp for Bookshelf Speakers in Kitchen Dining Room

So I've discovered a pair of Dali bookshelf speakers at the parents and I want to set them up in my kitchen/dining area to have some music while I cook or when people are over etc.

Obviously I know I could just buy some powered Edifier's or something and just be done with it, but I figured why not re-purpose something rather than create more waste.

So I need an amp but just wondering if I should just grab something like a Fosi BT20a. A few reviews concern me with suggestions such as it being a fire hazard and it popping.

Only really want to spend around the 80-100 mark - trying to do this on the cheap

Is there anything else I should be looking at?


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    They're a dime a dozen on there and would more than suit your needs.

  • If you're after something compact, I've purchased one of these before (will need to add both the Amp + AU Power Adapter to cart if you don't already have a compatible one).

    The only cons IMO is that it doesn't have a remote or support shuffle play via USB.

  • I use the SMSL AD18 in my bedroom with a pair of Edifier speakers for my projector. Pretty happy with it as it has Bluetooth and a remote interface so I can beam commands at it with a Broadlink mini. About the size on the front of a small phone and runs deeper to fit in the electronics.

    • I can recommend the AD18 as well. Sounds pretty good and has all the different inputs you could need. Might be a touch more expensive than you need but probably worth it in my opinion.

  • I bought some Edifier 1280s to use as cheap Studio Speakers. They are very good, but one day I'll get a pair of compact Yamahas or JBLS.
    However, making use of something you already have, especially they both sound and look good is a great idea.

  • What about the Aiyima a04 or a07 from aliexpress.

    Would have to buy a power supply but I assume just any 12v 5a power supply would work?

  • Yeah second hand on gumtree etc is the way to go. Also consider buying something good if you have the cash, the good thing about a proper audio setup is you can incrementally upgrade it over the years Cheers!

  • I did exactly the same with an old pair of Boston a60s I found in a cupboard at my mother in law’s, but I went the Fosi BT10a and hooked up a chromecast audio. It’s not audiophile quality by any means, but it does a brilliant job for what I wanted (music in another room) - more than enough sound, no popping (or fire as yet!), and hidden away easily.

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